Saturday, March 16, 2013

No, YOU check out MY Cards - Part 2

Ok, so I showed off some basic Topps inserts yesterday... today you get 2011 Gypsy Queen!

Three more autographs to add to my collection. I have found a semi-official checklist of 43 autographs. It encompasses all the ones that I've seen or know are in the set distribution. So with these three (plus the one at the end of this post, I am up to 27 out of 43.
Not too shabby, picked each of these up for under $5 each. 

Next, one of the inserts I'm still chasing... I only have one more "regular" back Queen to get, and a handful of the "Tarot Back" inserts as well.
This wasn't part of my COMC purchase, but it is a GQ auto I needed!
This was an eBay pick up and for the price I paid, I wish I had bought it a year and a half ago when Sale was still a relative unknown. Oh well, I am glad I have it in my collection now!

Finally, the wife and I picked up a blaster of Americana Heroes and Legends last night in a moment of weakness, and boy am I glad we did. Check out what I hit in it:
I am a space nerd, as evidenced by my Gene Kranz auto/relic. Jim Lovell is awesome, the guy who piloted the crippled Apollo 13 capsule back to Earth, and sadly the guy who never made it to the moon. This is an instant keeper in my collection! I love these astronaut relics. The one thing I wish Panini did was explain if this was a space program related piece of fabric or if it was just a piece of clothing worn by Jim Lovell. Either way, it's cool to me!


  1. Are you collecting Gypsy Queen '13 autos?

  2. My dept. chair met Lovell, great story. AMAZING card. envy.

  3. Cool Lovell card. I thought I recognized that name. I guess you can learn something from watching a ton of movies.