Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hey everyone, I sent an e-mail to all group break participants in the 2013 Gypsy Queen Case Break asking for some basic info. If you could please double check your e-mail and let me know if you did not get an e-mail from me, I'll resend if you'll provide me with a valid e-mail link. My email: If you did get the e-mail from me, please just read it through and respond so I can record your answer!

There is only 1 team left in the break! Miami Marlins for $15 as of today. So, if you want the Marlins hurry up and claim them! The price will drop to $10 on April 1st and if they aren't claimed by the GQ release date then I'll keep 'em!

Oh yea, I got this in the mail today, a redemption redeemed from Panini:
It's numbered /25... I just wish it was a better subject, it's a sweet looking card. I'm still due one more redemption from them. I was hoping this one and the one I'm owed would go unfulfilled so I could trade them in for a Texans card or two, but Josh Cooper had to go signing stickers!

Also, for those in my 2013 Topps Series 1 break, I'm still waiting for the Silver Slate redemption cards... both for this break and the personal ones I sent in. So maybe I didn't get them in fast enough, or Topps is being slow on shipping... we'll see...

Alright, good night everyone!


  1. Topps? Slow on shipping? Noooooo.......

    (I'm still waiting on my 5-card pack of shiny commons, too.)

  2. Jeebus, I sent in two Heritage Minors redemptions in...January? Still waiting on them.

    If you guys land some Blue Blue Jays, let me know.