Thursday, March 14, 2013

Group Break Interrupted

This group break is hereby interrupted by some awesome cards my wife, the Hotwit, pulled. She, as you all know, is a big Hollywood collector. Dave and Adams had a bunch of their 2011 Donruss Americana products on sale. So with some of her fun money, she picked up 5 blaster boxes and 2 hobby boxes... here's the loot:
Wow, lots of movie poster relics. The vibrant blue swatches you see are all Grace Kelly, not a bad haul. She's featured on dual relics with Cary Grant and Gary Cooper, not bad company either; all numbered  out of 499. The pale green swatch is the one and only Marilyn Monroe, hers is numbered out of just 350! Next up, two Gregory Peck brown swatches, with the dual relic being with Audrey Hepburn. Finally, a highlight since she's such a Gone With The Wind fan, a Vivian Leigh dual relic with Marlon Brando! Nice!
Josie Davie and Selma Blair autos, not too shaby, the Matinee Legends are VERY nice especially since they are numbered /49 and /25 respectively. Who the hell is Barry Pearl? And Katie Hoff rounds out the autographs out of these boxes. She really loved opening this stuff, if anyone has spare movie poster relics for trade, let me know as she'd love to get more!


  1. Nice stuff! Always was a fan of Josie Davis on Charles in Charge.

    I might have to get a Selma Blair auto for my Michigan collection.

  2. Nice pulls love the autos from Americana. I like the design of the costume swatches even though I'm not a fan of them (or game used for sports) as a concept.