Saturday, March 23, 2013

Facebook Trade and eBay Pick-Up

I recently completed a trade with Andrew S. on Facebook... I sent quite a few cards his way and ended up with these awesome cards:
 Wow, those Berkman's sure do shine, the one on the left is #'ed 14/15, while that dirty one on the right is #'ed 38/50. Love the dirty pin stripes! I thought the coin cards were cool because of Joe Morgan as an Astro of course, but the U of Alabama because of my current residence. If someone around here offers me something for it, I'm game but I may just keep it.  Thanks Andrew!

Next up, a pick up from the old Bay of E.
Another silk collection card bites the dust! Hunter Pence, #/'ed 1 out of 50! eBay 1/1!!!! Woo hoo!!!

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