Monday, March 11, 2013

A Trade With Matt

Matt over at Cardboard Conundrum and I recently completed a trade that involved a bunch of hockey and Cubs stuff headed to North Dakota and a bunch of Texans heading back down here to Texas:
Crick was a rookie and got valuable experience down the stretch due to some injuries. Casey is a Rice product who is a hybrid FB/TE and who I really hope the Texans re-sign this off-season. I asked for the Schaub/Johnson card because they are the best QB-WR combo I think Houston will see for a VERY long time. This is my first Schaub single relic as well. Finally, I feel I need to justify picking up the David Carr card. I have great memories of David Carr, mainly his first game as a Texan, the great defeat of "America's Team" (don't ask me, I didn't get a vote). I wanted to have at least one of his cards in my collection, and this one was pretty cool as it has not only 2 different jersey swatches, but also a cool piece of his game-used HELMET! How cool is that?

Thanks for another great trade Matt! Hopefully I can restock on hockey and Cubs cards fast enough to get more again some time soon!

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