Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Series Known As "No, You Check Out MY Cards"

So, I have been putting more and more money into as I find it to be basically a clearinghouse of cards that I want at prices I'm willing to pay without the haggling or bidding process known as eBay. I got a shipment in yesterday and I'll be showing it off in various stages... today's group of cards: 2013 Topps Inserts.
Got the die-cuts and "The Greats" inserts a lot cheaper than I thought I would. The Rasmus was a throw in when I got down to having very little money left. Not too shabby. This "The Greats" set is going to be a pain to piece together, since they were such difficult hobby pulls to begin with.

Speaking of "The Greats" insert set, I pulled off an eBay auction win the other day for a relic card from this insert, where the subject doesn't actually have a card in the insert set. Imagine that Topps! How about you make the relic set a parallel of the insert set and vice versa... geez... alright, here's the glorious card I procured!
Bask in it's glory. It's #13/25 and it's MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!! The day after I bought this one, another one sold for half of what I paid for mine... but I'm not bitter... Love the picture they used! Classic Biggio. Just wish there was an insert in the set to match it. Maybe series 2...

Finally, I got a trade in from a twitter trader... picked up a /80 Jonathan Singleton autograph from Tristar:
I probably over-paid for it, but it's a nice looking card for sure!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dude, congrats on the Biggio!
    I'm glad you procured your holy grail for the year, so far :)

  2. Mayeb it's just me, but I love a relic that matches the picture, and the dual-brick red is a killer.

    I mean that card is just fantastic.

    I love COMC. I finally got my JP Arencibia U-Tennessee patch auto off of their yesterday with their Spring Cleaning sales or whatever. Plus, you get free bulk shipping. Just so amazing.