Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trade Night - February 2013

I went to trade night the other night at my LCS... it was a great month since Series 1 just came out. Lots of pack wars. I won a pack war and a trivia contest. Nothing special from the trivia contest, but I did win this from the pack war:
No COA, but still a cool mini helmet for sure! By the way, any Packers or Favre fan can gladly make me a trade offer...

Well, I made the mistake of scanning everything I bought in two scans... so here it is:
 From 2.5 Jumbo Boxes and 3 regular packs, I got the above and below cards... The Mercilus was a gift from my buddy Bobby as he knows I'm a big Texans fan, after he pulled what will be a $1,000 card (/25 autograph relic of RG3). Nothing too exciting from Topps other than that redemption! Apparently it thought I wanted Rockies relics and pitchers' autos. Can't complain about the Rizzo either.
News hit today that Webb is retiring, talk about your flashes in the pan... I know injuries played a major part, wish he'd have had a longer career. I love the Silver Slugger cards. I was not too happy with the Belle. I don't know why Topps/public hasn't vilified Belle as much as others in the "era" but I have never considered Belle one of the "clean ones" where I have no doubt.

Alright, that was my trade night! Any and all are for trade...


  1. How much is the Triple Crown Cabrera worth ? I'll see if I can find something worth for you !!

  2. I'd love to trade for the Webb. Let me see what I can find for you.