Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Trade Post

Hey guys, got a couple trades in today...

First up, Dennis from Pictures of Men... I sent a couple of Jays his way and I ended up with a couple great cards that fit in my chase set needs:
I've flirted with picking up the Dominic Brown on eBay a few times, only to find it over-valued. Glad I waited and picked it up in a trade! Next, a silk of Angel Sanchez. Inching closer and closer to that goal!

Next up, a trade with Facebook acquaintance Richie. He wanted some Rays autos in my trade bait, and I was happy to oblige since I rarely find a Rays trader. He didn't have any Astros to send back, so I decided to pick up some quality trade bait:

 Not sure what Billingsley and Glavine have in common but a nice looking card none-the-less... I'll let those Dodgers and Braves fans battle it out to the death for this one...
 And whomever loses can have this consolation prize...

 Next up, a nice Fisk and a pretty low number. Pretty sure I'm not going to have a problem trading this one.
 Or this one, sorry Red Sox fans, had to get this one as a counter point to the Fisk... Bucky Bleepin' Dent. Nice.

Finally, the greatest card from this trade:
It's PEE WEE!!! With a nice swatch of jersey in the C. Again for the many Dodgers fans I deal with...

Have a great day!


  1. I'm deeply contemplating trading you something for the Dent, getting it, setting up my camera, setting it on fire, and putting the video on youtube. >:)

  2. i'd be interested in the bills/glavine and the pee wee too. i'll see if i have something to match up.

  3. Very interested in the Destined for History Glavine, one I am still missing in my Glavine PC !!

  4. Glad the Domonic Brown & Angel Sanchez cards found you!