Friday, February 8, 2013

Gauging Interest - 2013 Gypsy Queen Group Break

Hey everyone - I am itching to bust a case. Yes, a CASE. And 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen's release is right around the corner. So I want to gauge interest in a case break here on the blog.

Slots would be for 1 team. And would be weighted based on the overall seeding of cards per team within the set. Mainly within the "value" categories of hits but also with consideration for base cards and inserts. The average cost per team would be somewhere in the $40 range, including shipping.

Here's another twist, considering there are 10 boxes with 24 packs, with 8 base cards (plus one mini and an insert or SP), that's 1920 base cards. Every slot would get at LEAST one set of base cards for a team set and we would pool the remaining duplicates into complete 300 card (non-SP) base sets with full sets of inserts. These base sets would be randomized amongst ALL participants. I'm thinking at least 2 of not 3 complete sets should be pulled from a case. So there would be that added bonus.

Of course each slot would get all their mini cards, hits and inserts. Most importantly, there would be a total of AT LEAST 40 hits in this case. The Gypsy King & Queen cards would be randomized.

I think this would be a really fun case to break. There are no checklists officially released as of yet, but if we are going to do this in April, I'm thinking I need to start the wheels turning on this.
So what do I need to know from you? I need to know if this adventure would interest you? Would the cost of 2 blasters be too much for your team? For you guys like the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants, Nationals and Rangers... would $75 be too much for your team? 

Let me know A) What team you'd be interested in? and B) Does the format above appeal to you?


  1. I would be tempted with the Giants but not sure on the $75. If you go down that path, I would probably jump in.

  2. You know my team. That format could be a lot of fun

  3. If I could get my team, I'd be in for sure.

  4. I think this format sounds great.
    The randomization for a chance to win a full base set (minus SPs) would be a nice twist. I'd rather do that than donate my dupes to get a random assortment.
    Of course, I'd love to get my favorite team; but in the name of making YOUR dream come true, I may pick up a spot or two depending on price.
    That begs the question, would the randomization entries (for the complete sets) be based on slots purchased?
    Just asking.
    Looking forward to this!

  5. I would participate and I like the format. Phil's would be my first choice but might also be interested in the orioles or nats if the Phil's were taken.

  6. Would be interested in Nats but not at $75(maybe $60 tops, damn that Bryce Harper for bringing up the NATS prices)

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun, big fan of GQ and if i am in time for the yankees when signing up happy to do it for 75. Of course will pay for the extra shipping. On that note let me know the number for the glavines and i will send it over asap for you !

  8. I'm for a tiered break, though the Blue Jays probably screwed me on that with their off-season..

    The checklist is super important. If I were to choose the Jays, but once a checklist comes out I find no inserts of Reyes, Lawrie, Joey, etc. are even available, that changes things.

    Plus, you're going to get a lot of unclaimed teams...Twins, Brewers, Marlins, Athletics mean a lot of unclaimed spots.

    What if you did a down payment option until the checklist is out? That would gauge interest, get you moving financially, etc.

  9. Sounds great.

    I'm in for the Padres.

    I hope you decide to break this case as it's one of my favorites.

  10. I'd be very interested in doing this for the Reds and Mariners.

  11. I'd be very interested. It's a fair price point (nice use of blaster comparison) I'd be in to pay if I would be able to get the O's. (robinson hunting) Have the O's jumped tiers this year with Machado and Bundy? probably not. I'll let you make the call since you've seen the setlist.

  12. I might be into this with the M's or the Indians.

  13. I'd like Detroit if I could it , if not , probably not . In which category is Detroit ? 40-75 ?