Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Group Break - Box #3 - Topps Jumbo 2013!!!

I figured I'd get this up well in advance of the Super Bowl...

Scans after the page break...

Mini's First!
 I really like that design!

Parallels and we'll start chasing history...
Was a bit bummed to only get golds; no black, camo or pink... I really like the chasing history design...
And we finish up with what I consider the "Premier" insert this year, "The Greats" on thicker stock and really glossy. Congrats Braves and Mets!

Next up, Emeralds! These are slick lookin'!
 And our "Calling Card" inserts... and the die cuts... I will tell you now: I LOVE THESE DIE CUTS!!!!!
 Chasing the dream young players!

And finally the hits!
The Cliff Lee is monstrously thick! (No worries I found a VERY safe way to ship!) A nice Castro for The Dutch Card Guy and Jarrod Parker isn't a bad auto to get at all, a real up-and-coming star there. Finally, it's not really a "hit" per se, but the SP's are always nice to pull! Congrats to the Indians, Cubs, A's and Pirates!

Hope you all enjoyed this group break!


  1. Awesome, another die cut closer to completion ! Thanks for a fun break !

  2. I think that Aaron card Jaybarkerfan scored may be my favorite of the break. Congrats, Jaybarkerfan!

  3. That Cliff Lee card was something else !!