Monday, February 4, 2013

COMC Pickups

I got a package in on Saturday with my latest round of pick-ups from love the site and I keep throwing more money at it to pick up some great cards!

Just missing the blasted "E"!!!! They look pretty awesome in a row like that, don't they? Can't wait to snipe the "E" some time!
A couple more silks to my growing collection! Plus a sweet Pettitte relic from A&G. But my favorite of the bunch is in the top right, that Maddux/Bagwell combo is sweet! A match up I watched a LOT...
A couple of awesome Berkmans, with a patch on the left one, numbered /99! The Oswalt/Clemens is nice too! Now that last one on the right, that looks like the back of the card with an Alou/Lane relic, let's see what's on the other side:
WHAT?!?!!? AWESOME!!!! Bagwell and Biggio! Any card with 4 relics is awesome to me! 
Finally, the big awesome super great fantastic amazing card:
Whoa!!! Numbered 02/40!!!! SWEEEEEEET!!!!! I got this for a VERY fair price and I LOVE the piece of hat relic in there that is obviously part of the star and part of the H!!!! Love this one!!!!

Well, I've already got another package from COMC on the way, including another Nolan Ryan that I can't wait to get in hand!


  1. I'm happy to see an Astros collector.

    And that Ryan should make ANYONE happy. What a card.

  2. Wow, that's a ridiculous Nolan Ryan!

    And just as great is the fact that you didn't pick up anything I'm going to be sending you soon.