Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blogger Contest - I need a Slogan!

I have been contacted by the fine folks over at DressUnited.Com, they are a sister company of and are offering me a bit of a promo: a free designed t-shirt for a review of their product. I have the color scheme and the logo of course, the problem is that I'm not creative enough to come up with a catchy slogan, something funny or on point to put on the back of the t-shirt. So I figured I would poll my audience and see what you have to say.

What should The Daily Dimwit slogan be? Should it be hilarious and irreverant, or topical and descriptive of things I do on this blog (mainly group breaks and showing off the ridiculous number of Astros cards I end up with)? You decide... leave a comment on this post with whatever you feel is the most appropriate slogan for my humble blog. The wife and I will look over all the entries and decide which one we can put on the back of a t-shirt without causing a riot.

So, I bet you're saying, "this is a contest Mr. Dimwit, what the heck is the prize for the winner?!?!?" Well, the first thing I'll do is pull some cards for you from whatever team you collect. Also, when I order my free t-shirt, I'll order another one and give it away to the winner. So, cards and a t-shirt! I know you all are chomping at the proverbial bit to think of something witty to say. Please don't let it be, "The Daily Dimwit: Where crappy contest prizes abound!"

Alright, contest opens today and ends whenever I feel like ending it. Most likely in 2-3 days as I figure anyone who is really interested will get their entries in today...

Have a great day everyone!

UPDATE: Multiple entries are not only ALLOWED, but encouraged!!!!!


  1. Are we limited to one entry per participant?
    I hope not...

    "Where the Astros still mean something. (No matter what Topps says)."

    "A group break in every month, and a card in every hand."

    "Ask not what the Dimwit can do for you, but ask what you can do for the Dimwit."

  2. The Daily Dimwit: All about the Cardboard!

  3. Where all the Astros hang out...

    The Daily Dimwit, "What all the cool kids are reading these days..."

    The Daily Dimwit, for your Daily Dose of Dimwittedness!!

  4. Your daily dose of dimwit just one click away

  5. never fear the daily dimwit is here

  6. "Daily Dimwit. Hey - you clicked the link. Don't blame me."

  7. "Delightfully Dimwitted, Yet Unrefined."

    "50% Group Breaks. 50% Astros. 100% Dimwit."

    "Houston, We Have an Astro."

    "Mobile Since 2011."

    "AL West Since 2013."

    I really hope this one wins, because it would look great on my new t-shirt: "Almost as cool as My Cardboard Mistress."

  8. "It's not what you think it is."

    "If your visit lasts longer than 4 hours, please consult a physician."

    "I don't always post daily, but when I do, I post as a dimwit."

    "It's toasted." (Sorry, thinking of slogans reminds me of Mad Men, lol.)

    "More fun than a flea market commons box."

    "More refined than Buster Olney."

    "More of an Astro than Carlos Pena."

  9. "Dim on Wit, Sharp on Corners"

    "I break stuff!"

    "Still smarter than Carlos Lee"

    "Ask me about the Astrodome"

    "An Astros Collector... No, seriously."

    "Good till the last pack" (oooh, I like that one)

    "Where's the Break?"

  10. Not Monthly, not yearly -- Daily!

    If found, please return to: Houston Astros

    <-- I'm with Dimwit

    Like this item

    Please include a SASE with your request.

    A Series of Unfortunate Posts

  11. "A Dimwit and A (Gypsy) Queen"

    also, I really like Adam's "Mobile Since 2011"

  12. Often dimwited never duplicated

  13. Were not in huston anymore?

    Live long and bust wax

  14. The astros made me do it

    Ladys please im not an astros player

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  16. Astros Always.
    Dimwitted Daily.

    Astros on Cardboard +
    A Dimwit on the Internet =
    One Awesome Blog

  17. The Daily Dimwit - Where 'We Don't Give a Wit!'
    The Daily Dimwit - Man Meets Card (or) Community Meets Card
    The Daily Dimwit - Now Your Just Being An Astro
    The Daily Dimwit - Blog! Break! Baseball!
    The Daily Dimwit - Our Community. Our Collection.
    The Daily Dimwit - It's Your Break

  18. Got Astro's ?
    I've got DDW
    (DailyDimWit )

  19. ...because terry puhl should not be forgotten.

  20. Sorry, I had to clean up my language- but I still like these two:

    It's a clown blog, bro.

    Time to make the donuts.

  21. Daily Dimwit-Yabba Dabba Duh!

    Daily Dimwit-The Smart Choice.

    "With a name like Daily Dimwit, it has to be good."

    "There's a little bit of Dimwit in all of us."