Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Nice Mailday...

Well after doing my taxes this morning, I will warn you now that at some point this summer my wife and I will be sipping tropical beverages on a hot beach somewhere... or maybe drinking wine in Italy, we'll see where the wheel-o-vacation lands. Needless to say we were pretty happy with our Turbo Tax results...

I did pick up a couple cards in the mail today, a nice trade with a Facebook acquaintance that ended up a lot better than my first Facebook trade experience. I got this Texans beauty:
Wow! A laundry tag and a nice patch! Andre is the man... Mario, well I think we all see what he is now that he went to Buffalo and stunk it up there as well: Over-rated.

Next up, another auto in my seemingly never ending 2011 GQ Auto Chase:
Jose has a nice auto. I wish more players took the time to make it legible. I sign my name about 20-40 times a day on official work stuff, I could make it this nice if I wanted to but I will admit, most of mine end up looking like scribble. Good thing those docs aren't important! We're only building a multi-billion dollar refinery...

Hope you all had a great weekend! And go sign up for the last 8 slots in the 2013 GQ BREAK!!! DO IT NOW!!!!

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  1. great additions! that tag/patch is sweet and I agree completely on Joey Bats' signature.