Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another COMC Haul and MAIL!!!

Hey everyone, lately any cards I sell on eBay the money goes straight into my COMC account. So I hit the shipping button on another haul last week. I really love COMC's new shipping policy, the cards get here faster and it's only $3.00. Nice... so here's the first set of cards:
Four nice Bagwell relics! And an on-card Nolan Fontana autograph from 2012 Bowman Chrome! Nice! I really like the Berkman All-Star game jersey as well. As for the last card of Berkman, that's just the front... here's the back of the card:
SWEET! A Bagwell relic on the back, and the whole thing numbered /125!

Next up, a couple of Nolan Ryan pick-ups!
Always like the retro Astros uniforms and logo. There is a nice little stitch mark across the top there. I really like this design!

Finally, a nice pick-up even if it's a Mets-centric card:
That is a SICK pin-striped relic from Nolan's Mets days. I could cut the right and left sides off for all I care, but I'll keep it in tact... ;) I love it, it's a keeper in my Nolan collection!

Next up, reader Jeffrey sent me a couple of vintage Nolan's:
What they lack in condition (there are some creases you can't see in the scan) is totally made up for in the fact that I don't have these already in my collection! I've got to put together a little package of something to send back Jeffrey's way.

I also got another package in from eBay! The one silk card of an Astro this year:
AWESOME! Anyone else wonder why these show up yellow'ed instead of white? The original ones looked EXACTLY like the base cards, but the past couple years, they've been yellowed like this one. Odd. But still, I love it. Topps previewed this one before release and it sparked my "Get all Astros Silks" quest.

Finally, I had entered a few case breaks for my Astros, hoping beyond reasonable hope that I'd get lucky and get one of the ultra-rare Craig Biggio autographs or relics. Of which, I now have had confirmation of just 1 being pulled in all of the world. Thanks Topps... I have Astros base sets out the wahzoo... plus these:
I apologize to anyone else out there who thinks differently, but I am already convinced that the Altuve base card is the best card of 2013 Topps. The colors, the action shot, the uniform Jose is wearing, all make for one epically awesome card! I love the green parallel too. Awesome.

For those who are curious, yes, the 2013 Gypsy Queen CASE group break is going to happen. I'm working out a few more details and then I'll be getting something posted soon. It will involve a non-refundable deposit at this point (same amount for all teams) and then once the checklist is released and I'm able to evaluate things a little closer, the additional money will be added to each team for the full value. I will be able to say at this point that no team will cost more than $65 and with 12 teams overall that will cost the minimum slot value ($25). Anyways, sign-ups will be posted soon... 

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