Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Winner Is Crowned - And A Gypsy Queen Group Break Update

Hey everyone, I have looked over all the entries and I really wish I could get a shirt made for each and every one of them... even Napkin Doon's delve into foul-mouthery. I laughed my @$$ off on that one Mr. Doon.  But alas, only one can win. I decided that there was one selection that best fit my blog, and that captured what I wanted to say on my shirt...

So... the winner is Jeffrey with "Got Astros?"

Let me explain... 1) It plays off the "Got Milk?" slogan, so people will "get it". 2) I hunt down Astros cards near and far in trades, sales, and any other method. I want Astros cards. I don't want cards of guys who were once Astros but now play for the Cardinals. (With all due apologies to Nolan Ryan, I will always his cards regardless of team, one exception to the rule is allowed, right?) 3) It's a true statement from day one of the blog and will be true until this blog is defunct. I want Astros cards!!!!!

Alright, so congrats Jeffrey, once I get your shirt size, I'll get the order placed! Thanks everyone who participated, I wish I had the moo-la to buy everyone a shirt for participating!!!!

As for the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Group Case Break... we are about to enter the last full month before product release. I now have just 6 slots remaining. Starting right now, all slots will be discounted $5 for anyone. All my current participants had a shot at $5 off, so now I give everyone a chance. That means the Rockies, A's, Marlins, Twins, and Rays will be $20 each. The Reds will be $30.

On March 15, these prices will all drop another $5... and finally, the last week of the break, they'll drop another $5.

So, here's your chance to get in cheap on this break! Click the link above, read the break rules, and then claim the team of your choice in the comments section!

Thanks everyone!


  1. XL for the shirt !! Thanks !!

  2. "Entertaining only close friends and family since 2008...just like the Astros" I think that should win. Now give me that hockey stick.