Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Topps Turkey Red

Collectors kind of got blitzed with the release of 2013 Topps Turkey Red. We knew it was coming but the details weren't all there, and then all of the sudden it drops. I can't say I'm surprised at Topps' marketing campaign on this one: Here's something new, shiny and an "on-line exclusive"... now buy a crap-ton of it. Here's my thoughts on the set:

1) 100-card base set: sorry but it's just too small. Surprisingly enough, there are 2 Astros in the set, someone at Topps must have been drunk. But in a 30 team league, certainly there are enough players on each team to give them 3 cards a set and make it 150 cards AT LEAST.
2) 11 cards per pack, one of which is an auto, for $20... well it's $20 if you were one of the lucky people to get a pack online during their window of sales, now it's going to set you back anywhere from $35-40 depending on which price gouger seller you go through. At least you're guaranteed an auto...
3) Which brings up my third point... have you seen the autograph checklist? There's guys on there that only their mothers would recognize. And for the Astros, we have the one and only Carlos Pena!!!! Who we just signed!!! Who may very well be in a Tampa Uniform on this card, who knows...

To me, this is just another of Topps' mistakes, where they throw a set out there knowing people will fumble over each other to get their 10 packs and rake in the dough. It's a money grab. Well, if I want any of the cards, I'm sure I will find them cheap on eBay...


  1. They weren't too kind to the Cardinals either, 4 base cards, and EDUARDO SANCHEZ. A guy who barely has any playing time (15 IP). But hey, the Angels can have Trout and Trumbo autos, so I guess that evens it all out, right?
    Oh, and the Athletics have 4 autos.
    I liked the idea of the set until I saw the checklist. If 2007 UD SPA can have a 100 card base set with 3-4 players per team, why can't Topps do it in 2013?

  2. I think the Orioles only got 2 cards too... They were in the playoffs last year! There's several things that irk me about this set including the sticker autographs and the player selection. I'll just wait for the Jones and Machado cards to show up on Ebay and then I'll think about buying.

  3. Dammit. Another JP Arencibia to blow my money on.

  4. Surprised they sold out so fast. Reading their website - it looks like they're sold out for the "pre-sale" and they'll go back on sale 2/18. Who knows though. And it sounds like it might not be at the same price. I ordered a few boxes (packs?).

  5. I was interested until I saw the checklist. Two Mets, unless I missed someone - a David Wright card in the base set and a Jordany Valdespin autograph.

    I don't really like small sets in general because they just give you the same "stars" over & over again. But I don't have a problem with the $20 11-card packs w/guaranteed autograph or the online-only distribution - it seems like a better deal than something like Triple Threads where you could be spending a lot more and still end up with an "unknown" as your autograph.

  6. Ha the Brewers only got two base cards, but I noticed there are at least 4 Brewers in the autographs. WTF Topps. Should be fun to pick them up after the dust settles for a couple bucks each.

    1. Opps I just noticed another Brewer base card in the set. My teams up to 3, wow that should be on par with the Yankees!!

  7. The Braves got several base cards (+1 depending on which uni one of the Upton bros. is wearing), but only one appearance on the auto checklist. Oh well, at least I got in on Crackin' Wax's break.