Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Dimwit Dabbles In Football...

So I went to the LCS to pick up supplies and ended up buying cards as well, of course... I've always mainly collected baseball. Although recently, in football crazed Alabama, I've been tempted more and more by football cards. So, what the heck, I decided to try out a few products this week... 5 packs total...

First up, one pack of 2012 Panini Momentum... so basically you get a hit in each pack, so that's nice, but you also get only two base cards, so if you're a set collector this is not a product you want to buy packs of, just wait on the secondary market for singles...
Sidney Rice and Mendenhall for my base cards, meh...
Who? Not a Denver fan, won't even pretend to act like I know if this guy is good or not. I'm guessing there are a lot of autos of guys like this, 4th round picks, numbered /799. Maybe he becomes a shut down CB.

Next up, two packs of 2012 Panini Crown Royale... I like this product mainly because of the die cut cards, I'm a fool for die cuts... This is another "hit-per-pack" product and would be an awesome set to put together given the funds...

Pack #1:
Awesome looking base cards! The Jenkins is numbered /25. I even like the non-die cut base cards. A lot of foil board... and the hit from this pack:
Fleener, not bad, had a good year with his college QB joining him on the Colts this year. The only down side of these rookie cards, is that they are "event-used" not game used. They are all from the Rookie Premier and not an NFL game. This one is numbered /149. Not bad.

Pack #2:
Awesome to get a Texan! This pack is a little Chargers heavy for my liking though! Gilmore is numbered /149 and is kind of sparkly... Rivers, what a waste, the Chargers really made the wrong decision when deciding between him and Brees... and my hit for this pack:
Apparently I like pulling Bernard Pierce cards as this is the second one I've got from my limited football purchases! This one is numbered out of just /49 and has a sick patch. I like it! I may get some more of the Crown Royale product.

Finally, we have Absolute Football 2012. This is a bit more expensive and also has a hit for each mini-box.

1st Pack:
Four base cards per pack... nothing too exceptional about the base cards in my opinion... although they are on foil board type cardboard and at decent action shots... My first hit:
Not too shabby... played well in limited action this year and I believe he won the one start he had. Probably should have started that playoff game, but showed he's not just a strict back-up. Washington will probably be forced to trade him after next season unless RG3 continues to have knee problems, which is likely considering his style of play. This one is numbered out of /299. 

2nd Pack:
ARIAN!!!!! Heck ya! I got me a nice looking Foster. Not so excited about the Tebow... has more hoopla been made about a lesser player???? So tired of it already... and my epically awesome hit from this pack:
Wow, what an awesome card! Great design and two great subjects. A major HOF'er and a guy who should eventually make his way in. We all know the Terrell Davis story, but he had a great career even if it was shortened by injuries. This beauty is numbered 41/50! Awesome!

Well, expect to see more football, just sayin' I'm getting a little tired of the Topps monopoly, and watching baseball sets just be regurgitations of the previous year, with less and less creativity. I love Gypsy Queen and all, but it should have been a one and done set. Not saying I won't buy any, but it was a product that should have hit the shelves and then been shelved for another 100 years... Anyways, they go back to the well a little too often and ruin products within a year or two (Allen and Ginter?!?!?). Ok, I am not going to rant on Topps right now. 

This does show that Panini can make quality products with licensing. Just hope MLB gives them a chance in a year...

All the hits and non-Texan base are up for trade. Would be looking for Texans hits in return or Astros if need be! 


  1. That is a really nice Ravens patch, and the Elway is sweet too!
    I opened a lot of Crown Royale last year, the silhouette autos are some of my favorite cards to open. If Panini gets an MLB liscense, I would buy the hell out of Crown Royal Baseball.
    I agree with you on Queen/Ginter. Maybe if they focused on one of those sets a year, then they'd be better overall, but Topps is probably making too much money to care.

  2. Nice stuff. Cool Cuusins Auto. (just a bit green with envy :) )

    I agree that he probably should have started the game w/ Seattle or at least the 2nd Half but that is water under the bridge. I would love for the Skins to keep Cousins for the long haul but as you say they will probably be forced to trade him in about a year or two. I will be upset to see him leave Washington but for the benefit of his career I hope he gets traded and to a team I can tolerate that means any team but the Cowboys. Preferably a team outside of the NFC East Division I'm not too keen on Philly either. The G-Men I can sometimes stand.

  3. Panini has done a great job with their football products. It helps they are using some of the old Pacific Trading Card elements like in Crown Royale. The card shops in my area don't seem to order much of Panini's stuff so by the time I get there they are usually sold I just stick to buying singles online.

    Good luck with your football break. I may try something similar, but on a smaller scale soon.

  4. What would you want for elway/davis jersey card?


  5. Great looking break! I love the refined look of Panini's Momentum series as well as the Crown Royale. Being a Chargers (and Padres) fan, I'd welcome a trade with you for the Rivers (along with any others) unless it's spoken for, of course.
    I'm relatively new to collecting (again, after some 20+ years away), but whatever I may have in my small (for now) collection you can use, I'm game.