Monday, January 14, 2013

Packages! I love Monday Mail Days!!!

Alright, first of all, I still need 7 slots filled on the Football Group Break. I'd really like to do this, but I'm unable to carry slots on my own this time. So if it doesn't fill by the end of the week, I'll just refund everyone and we'll try again another time.

On to more fun stuff! A big thanks to Wes at Jay Barker Fan's Junk and Adam over at Arpsmith's Sportscard Obsession for a couple packages I got today, Wes with random Astros stuff and Adam with a bunch of 2012 Panini Cooperstown base cards! Thanks!

Today, I got a package in the mail from Shane over at Shoebox Legends. He held a trade bait draft and I ended up with some great stuff!
Don't know Bill Skowron at all, but it was available and I snagged it. My goal was to get as many baseball cards as possible, as he also had a lot of hockey. It worked well in my favor as some of the guys in the draft were hockey collectors and left the baseball alone for a round or two!
A bunch of relics and autos. My favorite here is the Felipe Alou auto, then picking up the Moises Alou a few rounds later was a nice touch. Yes, the card at the far bottom was cut off intentionally. I shall not mention his name. All of these are up for trade, I have a good feeling I know a certain blogger who will want those Carpenters.
I got a nice little stack of vintage as well! Shane has a decent little selection of the 52's and I got a good percentage of them. I was also pretty happy to get the Carew and the Batting Leaders card! Any of these are up for trade as well.
And finally, I made it through with only drafting 4 "modern" base cards. Not too shabby if I say so myself! Thanks Shane! Great draft!!!!

Next up, a redemption from Topps!
Any Reds fans interested? Not a bad signature at all on this one.

Finally, an eBay pick up that'll leave you seeing double...
Yep, I picked this up for about $2, a lot of 2 Nolan Fontana autos. Ever since his 0-for-0 debut with 5 walks, I've been intrigued by this youngster. I really hope he develops quickly and can make an impact at the major league level. He played well at Florida and transitioned quickly and easily to A-ball last year after the draft! I'm only keeping one of these so if any Astros collectors are interested the second is up for trade!

Please if you have any interested in the football draft, head on over and take a look. Should be a fun one.


  1. I can say this as a hockey collector, but it's true. Hockey doesn't always come along, so when it does, we grab them up while we can. It works out well for baseball guys like you, though.

  2. I promoted your break in my post so hopefully we'll get it filled.

  3. If no one likes that Detroit card . I'd like it ! Its had a LOTS of love but thats ok It would still look good in my team sets . ANY card of that age in my collection is going to have a few problems ( Like me ! )