Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Group Break - Box #1 - 2006 Ovation

Here's the video:

Scans after the page break, as always...

First up we have some inserts:
Nice pick ups for the Cardinals, Orioles, Yanks and A's... the Japan card will be randomized!

Next up, numbered cards and hits!
The Dodgers, Rockies and Braves score serial numbered cards, while the Red Sox and Royals pick up the first two hits of the break!


  1. Sorry everyone that the video preview page ruined one of the hits for those who wanted to be surprised! I tried to change it!!!

  2. Shoddy work by the video person. OFF WITH HIS HEAD! :)

  3. Any other team(s) not get a single card out of this box? Unless I'm mistaken, the Phillies and the Nationals both got shut out?
    (not complaining, just noticing... plus I believe I have this complete set from the case break)

    1. There were at least two Nats cards - Jose Guillen and LOLfonso Soriano.

  4. The box opening reminded me of MST3K, jolly good!