Friday, January 18, 2013

January Football Group Break - Box #1 - 2011 Donruss Elite

Here's the video:

Scans after the page break...
Some nice numbered rookies and the cool die cut. I like the way they did these, although I'd put the numbering on the back, not over the word "Rookie" on the front...
 Two Titus Young cards, he had a rough year... a nice pick up for the Pats with the Mayo as well.
The Eagles pick up a couple of nice inserts! The Forte is numbered out of just 99 as well!

And the hits:
Dwayne Harris... can't say I've heard of him but then again I don't pay much attention to the Cowboys either...
 A very nice autograph for arpsmith! Kendall Hunter has done pretty well for himself there in San Fran!
 Hakeem Nicks! G-Men! Good lookin card!
Forte again in the break, nice looking hit for the Bears!

Finally, we got a bonus hit!
Wow! I picked the Titans in hopes of an Oilers card or two showing up, had no idea I'd hit it big with a HOF caliber receiver! Looks like that may be part of the N in Randy as well! Glad we got an extra hit in the box!

Tomorrow, 2011 Crown Royale... and here's a bit of a tease about what's to come... we get a card that could possibly have paid for the entire group break based on past eBay sales! You won't want to miss it tomorrow night!


  1. Very happy to score a Niners hit! Hope that is a good sign for this weekend!

  2. Good box, glad I traded for the Eagles to land a numbered Vick! Dwayne Harris was a return specialist and receiver for the Cowboys that borke out near the end of the year and was pretty impressive, so it's a pretty good autograph.

  3. Even though I'm not participating I love to see what everybody else gets.