Sunday, January 20, 2013

Football Dabbling... some more...

Alright, so the next thing I picked up was some 2012 Momentum. Here's the loot!
Not a bad way to start off!!! An RG3 quad relic. All the rookie jersey/patches are non-game used. These are all "event worn", as in "We gathered all the rookies together and made them try on about 20 jerseys a piece and then we diced them all up..." I'm sure you've seen the video that went a bit viral last year with a random Steeler putting all the jerseys on at once rather than put one on and take one off over and over again... anyways, I'm happy with this card, it's numbered out of just /49 copies so I can't complain too much!
An awesome autograph of Texans 1st Round Pick Whitney Mercilus. Talk about your all time great last names for a LB, but I just hope his play lives up to that name. He came on strong towards the end of the year, but several reviews of tape that I saw showed he still had a lot to learn. As expected for a rookie. With Cushing back next year, hopefully Whitney won't have to play out of position as much as he had to late this year.
Oh Fleener... the hobby is already tired of you and your teasing that the card pulled might be Andrew Luck... he had a good year for the Colts, I just wish he went to a team outside the AFC South...
Another Colts tease, Dwayne Allen... what's with all the TE's for the Colts that always seem to crush us? Geesh, some day the Texans will just dominate everyone and we'll be the Patriots... some day...
T.J. Graham, never heard of him... not a good sign... the Bills played in Houston this year, and I haven't heard of him... Hopefully for the sake of the value of this card, he has a break out year next year.
This guy, I have heard of... solid OL prospect and I believe a starter most of the year.
SICK PATCH!!! This is a bug part of one of Pead's numbers. Pretty sweet patch! And numbered out of /25. Awesome.
Coples could be a beast. I saw him at the Senior Bowl in Mobile last year and he dominated that game at times... may be one to keep an eye on...
This is my low numbered auto /99... and it sucks... this guy is fat, not athletic looking at all... let's move on...
Finally a SWEEET triple relic of three GREAT running backs from this year's class. I like the design a LOT...

My feeling as I open more and more Panini football stuff, is that they had better be a shoe-in to get a MLB license next year. Their products, in my opinion, are better than Topps' offerings at the moment and I think they could really do well at a licensed baseball product again. I sure as heck don't want to see more un-licensed baseball stuff from them, it's not good Panini, not good... not as bad as Upper Deck mind you, but still, just wait until you get that license back and I'll be throwing money at you.

Alright, the Mercilus is the only keeper here... let the trade offers start flying!!!!


  1. I agree with Panini getting their license next year. I think they have been doing their best to put something out there, just to get ready for trying to get it. Not everyone is a fan of theirs, but I have LOVED their hockey releases, and I pretty much always go to them for football and basketball as well.

    I'd also recommend giving Panini Limited a try with football. I picked a pack up this weekend and pulled some pretty cool cards. The price can be a little steep ($100 for a 3 hit, 4 base pack), but they're some of the best looking cards out there. I'll have my pack posted Tuesday or Wednesday, I hope.

  2. Sweet triple with David Wilson. Man I wish I had stuff to trade you.

  3. I'll trade you for either of the Colts jerseys email me at and maybe we could work out a deal.

  4. Kalil's brother Ryan is on the Panthers. He's the idiot on the team that predicted before the season started that the Carolina Panthers would win the Super Bowl (oops, I mean the "big game") this year. He is supposed to be a solid defender though.