Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cards in the Stocking

The wife did not disappoint with some cards in the stocking (and a few blasters after Christmas morning). Here's what I got on Christmas morning...
The Nolasco is from a discounted A&G blaster... meh... the Anderson is from one of those $7.99 repack specials where you are guaranteed a hit and a couple packs. The GQ starts with a couple of SP's, the Lee /599 blue border and then a bunch of mini's! The GQ blaster and repack were in my stocking.

Next up, I picked up a couple of Panini Cooperstown Collection blasters... I really like the base cards, but the insert sets... yuck... I believe the first card was originally intended to be a manu-patch but they went cheap-o with the faux woodgrain feel. Stupid inserts abound!
I would be really interested in putting the base set together, but the overwhelming quantity and poor quality of the inserts have soured me on this set. If anyone has base for trade, I wouldn't mind making a deal to complete out my base set, but other than that, all the inserts and all my base dups are for trade!

January Group Break announcement coming soon!


  1. I have some base Cooperstown cards for trade and am working on the insert sets. Do you have a want list? I will work on getting my want list posted to my blog.

  2. Ditto to Dimwit and Arp - I have a bunch of doubles in base. Let me know your wants and we can get the sets finished together.