Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Couple of Packages

Monday Mailday was delayed until Tuesday because of MLK Day... and the post about such is delayed until today out of pure laziness... just being honest here people...

First up, a card from Topps' giveaway program this year...
This was the last lonely card in my "My Cards" section and I nearly forgot about it. The program ends this month people, if you need to ship your cards, get in there and request them!!!! I really love these die cuts! I have the Rivera, Hernandez and now the Cobb... all for trade if people are interested!

Next up, a package from Baseball Dad. He is in the middle of sending an ungodly number of packages all over the blog-o-sphere and I got mine the other day! There is a long story behind the Aspromonte that you all definitely don't want to have me hash out here, but lets just say that the Baseball Dad negotiated a great deal for myself and another blogger, he's a great guy!
Those are two Nolan's I'm pretty sure I didn't have, amazingly enough! And the Biggio came with that protective film, and those don't last long here at the Dimwit Abode, I want to see my shiny goodness in all its glory... and it's awesome! Thanks Jack. I've got a couple nice Tribe cards pulled for you and I'm looking to see what else I may have before a return package heads your way!

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  1. Hi Sam ! I'd like the Cobb Die Cut ,I've got the Verlander. How much are they worth , I have no Idea . I'll see what I have stashed away for you !!