Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Topps Arrives... and some packages...

So we stopped by Target on the way home from work... picked up a blaster, a cereal box and a rack pack, just to mix it all up... here's the highlights:
 I........ LOVE...... THESE..... DIE-CUTS!!!!
 The mini's are pretty cool too!
Got me an Altuve!!!!
And my commemorative blah blah patch... could have been worse...

And I had a couple of packages waiting for me at home:
First up, a selection of a BUNCH of Astros that Jim over from garvey, cey, russell & lopes sent my way after I sent him some Dodgers. He also provided a HUGE stack of assorted base cards! Love the Pettite as well as the Bagwell! Thanks Jim!
Next up, Paul from Paul's Random Baseball Stuff, he did a Thorzul-ish "Trade Me Anything" type post and I picked these two unique A&G relics. I played a crazy amount poker in college so Duke is very familiar with me, and playing deep into the night we say plenty of LaLanne info-mercials! The relic is film strip, interesting...

Finally, some eBay pick ups toward my 2013 collecting goal...
Yes, I am suspending the "No Carlos Lee On My Blog" rule for the sake of this collecting goal. Three down, a bunch more still to go...

The boxes for the group break will get here tomorrow! Expect the first video tomorrow night!


  1. I had that Altuve set aside for you. I'll just have to send it to one of the other Astros collectors... :)

    I'm going to hate myself, but I'm chasing all those dang minis.

  2. Those astros have friends here...