Sunday, January 13, 2013

1st Ever Dimwit Football Group Break - Sign Ups ARE FULL!!!

I've been thinking about doing a football group break a lot lately... I have decided to give it a shot. I'm going to do a smaller break to make sure that I can get it filled and to gauge interest...

As always, Paypal funds as a GIFT to samuelpair(at)yahoo(dot)com

What will we be busting? Well, two great products:
2011 Crown Royale, this product guarantees 4 hits and is focused more on the hit aspect of the product. All kinds of great rookies from last year's draft class.
2011 Donruss Elite - 20 packs, 4 hits... this one is more about the base and inserts to me. Again, great hits from past and present in this box. 

I wanted to get two products that would draw interest and also provide a good number of cards per slot potentially. This break will end up with 8 hits and a bunch of other cards. If any slot gets skunked, I'll make sure they get some cards anyway. 

Ok, so this will work like my baseball breaks. $10 will get you a 2-team slot, one randomized and one your pick. Pick your team by leaving a comment ON THIS POST. Once 16 slots are full, I'll randomize the rest! If you want more than one slot, every slot after the first is $9 per slot. International will be $13 for the first slot, $9 for each slot after that.

Any cards with multiple teams will be settled via randomization. Any multi-team hits involving one of my teams (picked or random) will be settled via randomization as well. Any team that has moved will go to the current franchise (exception: Browns, all Browns cards will go to the current Browns franchise). 

Alright, comment away everyone:

Atlanta - Bobby - PAID
Carolina - Bobby - PAID
New Orleans
NY Giants
San Francisco - arpsmith - PAID
St. Louis
Arizona - Spankee - PAID
Green Bay - bobby - PAID
Detroit - Scott Sawyer - PAID
Minnesota - Matt Pederson - PAID
New England - Martyn - PAID
NY Jets
Buffalo - Scott Sawyer - PAID
Pittsburgh - NY Hitman 23 - PAID
Baltimore - Spankee - PAID
Cincinnati - daddyohoho - PAID
San Diego
Kansas City
Denver - Spankee - PAID
Houston - The Dimwit - PAID
Indianapolis - Martyn - PAID
Tennessee - The Dimwit - PAID


  1. Figures my team (Carolina) would be claimed before I see this. D'oh!

  2. I'll take the Colts as a second team!
    Will send payment when it's full.

  3. I'll take Buffalo as a second team. Will send $9 payment when full.

  4. Let's make this happen...I'll take Arizona, Denver, and Baltimore. Do you want me to make payment now or wait until full?

  5. And ill take green bay for my third