Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Topps Arrives... and some packages...

So we stopped by Target on the way home from work... picked up a blaster, a cereal box and a rack pack, just to mix it all up... here's the highlights:
 I........ LOVE...... THESE..... DIE-CUTS!!!!
 The mini's are pretty cool too!
Got me an Altuve!!!!
And my commemorative blah blah patch... could have been worse...

And I had a couple of packages waiting for me at home:
First up, a selection of a BUNCH of Astros that Jim over from garvey, cey, russell & lopes sent my way after I sent him some Dodgers. He also provided a HUGE stack of assorted base cards! Love the Pettite as well as the Bagwell! Thanks Jim!
Next up, Paul from Paul's Random Baseball Stuff, he did a Thorzul-ish "Trade Me Anything" type post and I picked these two unique A&G relics. I played a crazy amount poker in college so Duke is very familiar with me, and playing deep into the night we say plenty of LaLanne info-mercials! The relic is film strip, interesting...

Finally, some eBay pick ups toward my 2013 collecting goal...
Yes, I am suspending the "No Carlos Lee On My Blog" rule for the sake of this collecting goal. Three down, a bunch more still to go...

The boxes for the group break will get here tomorrow! Expect the first video tomorrow night!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2nd Team Randomization

Ok everyone, here is the list of participants:

1) jaybarkerfan - Atlanta
2) Dan - Boston
3) Dutch Card Guy - Chicago Cubs
4) Jeff W - Chicago White Sox
5) Jeffrey - Detroit
6) The Dimwit - Houston
7) Arno - LA Dodgers
8) Dan - Milwaukee
9) TheBrooklynMet - NY Mets
10) Kevin S. - NY Yankees
11) NY Hitman 23 - Pittsburgh
12) Underdog Card Collector - San Diego
13) arpsmith - San Francisco
14) madding - St. Louis
15) daddyohoho - Washington

And your randomization results after 3 spins through the randomizer:
And the final pairings:

1) jaybarkerfan - Atlanta & Cincinnati
2) Dan - Boston & Philadelphia
3) Dutch Card Guy - Chicago Cubs & Miami
4) Jeff W - Chicago White Sox & Tampa (Trade with Jeffrey)
5) Jeffrey - Detroit & Kansas City (Trade with Jeff W)
6) The Dimwit - Houston & Texas
7) Arno - LA Dodgers & Seattle
8) Dan - Milwaukee & Oakland
9) TheBrooklynMet - NY Mets & Arizona
10) Kevin S. - NY Yankees & Colorado
11) NY Hitman 23 - Pittsburgh & Toronto
12) Underdog Card Collector - San Diego & Minnesota
13) arpsmith - San Francisco & LA Angels
14) madding - St. Louis & Baltimore
15) daddyohoho - Washington & Cleveland

Feel free to trade away in the comments! I should get the cards ordered tomorrow which will put them on track for delivery Friday and the first video going up Friday night... the question is, what box to bust first?!?!?! Leave your vote in the comments as well, whatever box gets the most votes will be the first box I bust!

Group Break Jumbo Wrappers

For my group break participants... I will be mailing in the jumbo wrappers as soon as the break is done and mailing them in as part of the wrapper redemption. When the redemption pack arrives I will video the opening and mail out the cards. Just wanted to give a heads up on the plan!

Group Break Update

Wow, you guys are awesome... filled up the break in less than 12 hours.

So, that fills up the break, if everyone could get their payments in today, I'd appreciate it. I've talked to one of you with extenuating circumstances and we're cool. Atlanta Sports Cards probably can't ship the cards until at least tomorrow anyways due to tomorrow being the official release date.

Thanks everyone!

I'll post the 2nd team randomization tonight.

Monday, January 28, 2013

February Group Break - Sign-Ups Are FULL!!!

It's that time! Well, maybe a few days early, but I thought I'd get this one started off early in hopes of getting it filled quickly!

This month I picked three boxes, the first of which you all are probably anticipating anyways! 2013 Topps Series 1!!!!
OK, so we'll be busting a full JUMBO box of 2013 Topps Series 1, 3 hits, TONS of cards! Lots of inserts and should be a full team set for all participants!

Next up, from 2005! Topps Chrome Update & Highlights!
Two autographs! Refractors and all kind of insert possibilities! This one should be fun, several BIG name possibilities in the autographs!

And finally, 2011 Leaf Limited!
Only 7 cards, but 3 hits with at least 2 autographs! Lots of big name possibilities! This is going to be another fun one to break...

Alright, my normal rules regarding cards with multiple teams, randomized amongst all teams represented. On the Limited if no city is indicated for the player then the card will be randomized among all teams that player played for, with one wrinkle... I'll put one entry in the randomization for each year he played with that team. Thus if a player played 13 years with three teams: 10 with team A, 2 with team B and one with Team C, then team A gets 13 entries in the randomization, team B gets 2 entries and Team C gets 1 entry. Any non-baseball cards will be randomized amongst all participants. As usual, if there is any card where I have a personal stake in the randomization, then I will have a non-biased blogger conduct the random on their blog and post.

Ok, so payment: $20 for a 2 team slot. International: $23 per slot. If you want a second slot, take $2 off per slot. Payment should be sent as a GIFT to Paypal address samuelpair(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Please claim your team in the comments for this post. Team claims will be based on timestamp of the comment. Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments or questions.

Arizona -
Atlanta - jaybarkerfan
Baltimore -
Boston - Dan - PAID
Chicago Cubs - The Dutch Card Guy - PAID
Chicago White Sox - Jeff W
Cincinnati -
Cleveland -
Colorado -
Detroit - Jeffrey - PAID
Houston - The Dimwit - PAID
Kansas City -
Los Angeles Dodgers - Arno - PAID
Los Angeles Angels -
Miami -
Milwaukee - Dan - PAID
Minnesota -
New York Mets - TheBrooklynMet - PAID
New York Yankees - Kevin S. - PAID
Oakland -
Philadelphia -
Pittsburgh - NY Hitman 23 - PAID
San Diego - Underdog Card Collector - PAID
San Francisco - arpsmith
St. Louis - madding - PAID
Seattle -
Tampa -
Texas -
Toronto -
Washington - daddyohoho - PAID

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The New Goal for 2013

Rather than list out a bunch of stuff that I'm never going to get around to completing... I've got one goal I'm going to share this year, a subset goal that I think is rather obtainable...
That's right! SILK!!!! I want to get a collection of all the Silk Astros that have been made from 2008 Topps to Current Year! These cards are legitimately low numbered, they aren't over-valued by collectors unless it's a huge star (and let's face it, it's not like I'll be chasing HOF'ers here) and most can be found on the secondary market.

I've made myself a preliminary checklist of ones that I don't have or ones at least that I'm aware of... as I've researched this, I think I get to a final list each year just to find that I missed someone along the way, so if you are aware of any other Astros not on my list then please let me know! Here are the cards that I know are in each year's set:

2008 Topps:
Hunter Pence
Carlos Lee
Lance Berkman - GOT IT
Jose Valverde - GOT IT

2009 Topps:
Hunter Pence
Jose Valverde - GOT IT
Roy Oswalt
Lance Berkman
Ty Wiggington
Carlos Lee - GOT IT

2010 Topps: 
Miguel Tejada
Lance Berkman
Hunter Pence
Michael Bourn - GOT IT
Carlos Lee
Geoff Blum
Bud Norris - GOT IT
Roy Oswalt - GOT IT

2011 Topps:
Brett Wallace
Roy Oswalt
Hunter Pence
Carlos Lee - GOT IT
Humberto Quintero - GOT IT
Wandy Rodriguez - GOT IT
Michael Bourn - GOT IT
Jason Bourgeois - GOT IT
Mark Melancon - GOT IT
Angel Sanchez - GOT IT

2012 Topps:
Lucas Harrell - GOT IT
Wandy Rodriguez
Carlos Lee - GOT IT

2013 Topps:
Jose Altuve - GOT IT

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tribute To Stan The Man

I bought a couple of blasters last night, nothing too grand out of either one of them, but I did pull this and I'll let it speak for itself:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Packages Arrive...

So I had a bit of a big blow up with a trader, who I still think didn't mail his side of the deal until after I made a fuss about it not showing up in USPS nearly a WEEK after he said he mailed it... if you want the dirty details, check out my twitter timeline (@TheDimwit). Anyways, here's my loot:
Rusty Staub! I didn't have any kind of relic, auto or anything... I was pretty excited to add this card, even if it came from an unlicensed set. I really dig Golden Age and may have to check out Dave & Adam's for their next deal on the product. I picked up the Grace Kelly for my wife's collection. Talk about a beautiful card! :-D

The Gene Kranz was a pick up for my Oddball collection. Growing up in the Clear Lake City area where NASA was situated and being mesmerized by the space program growing up, I've always had a lot of respect for Gene Kranz. He was a leader and had a great influence on the space program as the Flight Director through the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. In Apollo 13 he is played by Ed Harris. Know for his flat top and keen dress, Kranz will always be well remembered among NASA enthusiasts!

I withhold the traders name since he's not a blog reader. I'm being nice, I do believe deep down that he may have been trying to pull one over on me (I heard from others he had done the same to them) and I really think that if I hadn't made a big deal out of it, he'd have held on to these and blamed USPS. Anyways, on to more interesting topics... CARDS!

I saw a tweet by Pony enthusiast dayf over at Card Junk about some Biggio cards. Well, he more than surprised me with a HUGE stack of Astros, but I was even more excited to get my second 1/1 Pony drawing from the guy with Pony on his brain 24/7. Named Astro Pony...
A couple of Biggios to show off and a custom Dayf mini... great cards David, I'm already building your pile of Braves to send back... no artwork from me, I turn stick figures into tragic farming accidents, art is not my milieu...

Finally, I got a prize package from Brian from Play at The Plate... he's had a bit of a rough go at it of late, so I'm hoping he's able to take some encouragement and get things going in a good direction. I won a contest in September that netted me a rack pack of 2012 Topps Update... there wasn't much exciting inside but I did get two parallel gold cards numbered /2012.
The Chipper will go to David from the package above as part of the return package, and how appropriate is the "play at the plate" card in a package from Mr. Play At The Plate himself!?!?! Thank Brian!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Couple of Packages

Monday Mailday was delayed until Tuesday because of MLK Day... and the post about such is delayed until today out of pure laziness... just being honest here people...

First up, a card from Topps' giveaway program this year...
This was the last lonely card in my "My Cards" section and I nearly forgot about it. The program ends this month people, if you need to ship your cards, get in there and request them!!!! I really love these die cuts! I have the Rivera, Hernandez and now the Cobb... all for trade if people are interested!

Next up, a package from Baseball Dad. He is in the middle of sending an ungodly number of packages all over the blog-o-sphere and I got mine the other day! There is a long story behind the Aspromonte that you all definitely don't want to have me hash out here, but lets just say that the Baseball Dad negotiated a great deal for myself and another blogger, he's a great guy!
Those are two Nolan's I'm pretty sure I didn't have, amazingly enough! And the Biggio came with that protective film, and those don't last long here at the Dimwit Abode, I want to see my shiny goodness in all its glory... and it's awesome! Thanks Jack. I've got a couple nice Tribe cards pulled for you and I'm looking to see what else I may have before a return package heads your way!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Final Football Post From This Weekend

Ok, so one last pack of cards from this weekend... 2012 Limited... the other guys at the store ended up going through the whole case and overall it wasn't that great of a case... but here's what I ended up with.

Not a bad patch at all! Just too bad it is Brian Quick. One of the other guys at the shop pulled about a dozen Quick autos from various products... it wasn't pretty...
Can't complain about a jumbo swatch! Hopefully Randle keeps taking on a bigger and bigger role.
Finally an auto of a 6th round pick who couldn't even make it on the Dolphins... was released and signed by the Eagles... not an impressive resume thus far Mr. Cunningham.

Oh and speaking of cases, my buddy Bobby bought out all the boxes that the LCS had of 2012 Topps Football (nearly a case) and 5 of us sat down and busted 9 1/2 boxes of it together. Needless to say that was a LOT of packs... and Bobby, knowing I'm a Texans fan, let me keep this beauty from one of the boxes:
ARIAN!!! Ok, next season, get that O-line to block a little better! That right side killed you this year.

Alright, that's all the football I have to show for a little while...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Football Dabbling... some more...

Alright, so the next thing I picked up was some 2012 Momentum. Here's the loot!
Not a bad way to start off!!! An RG3 quad relic. All the rookie jersey/patches are non-game used. These are all "event worn", as in "We gathered all the rookies together and made them try on about 20 jerseys a piece and then we diced them all up..." I'm sure you've seen the video that went a bit viral last year with a random Steeler putting all the jerseys on at once rather than put one on and take one off over and over again... anyways, I'm happy with this card, it's numbered out of just /49 copies so I can't complain too much!
An awesome autograph of Texans 1st Round Pick Whitney Mercilus. Talk about your all time great last names for a LB, but I just hope his play lives up to that name. He came on strong towards the end of the year, but several reviews of tape that I saw showed he still had a lot to learn. As expected for a rookie. With Cushing back next year, hopefully Whitney won't have to play out of position as much as he had to late this year.
Oh Fleener... the hobby is already tired of you and your teasing that the card pulled might be Andrew Luck... he had a good year for the Colts, I just wish he went to a team outside the AFC South...
Another Colts tease, Dwayne Allen... what's with all the TE's for the Colts that always seem to crush us? Geesh, some day the Texans will just dominate everyone and we'll be the Patriots... some day...
T.J. Graham, never heard of him... not a good sign... the Bills played in Houston this year, and I haven't heard of him... Hopefully for the sake of the value of this card, he has a break out year next year.
This guy, I have heard of... solid OL prospect and I believe a starter most of the year.
SICK PATCH!!! This is a bug part of one of Pead's numbers. Pretty sweet patch! And numbered out of /25. Awesome.
Coples could be a beast. I saw him at the Senior Bowl in Mobile last year and he dominated that game at times... may be one to keep an eye on...
This is my low numbered auto /99... and it sucks... this guy is fat, not athletic looking at all... let's move on...
Finally a SWEEET triple relic of three GREAT running backs from this year's class. I like the design a LOT...

My feeling as I open more and more Panini football stuff, is that they had better be a shoe-in to get a MLB license next year. Their products, in my opinion, are better than Topps' offerings at the moment and I think they could really do well at a licensed baseball product again. I sure as heck don't want to see more un-licensed baseball stuff from them, it's not good Panini, not good... not as bad as Upper Deck mind you, but still, just wait until you get that license back and I'll be throwing money at you.

Alright, the Mercilus is the only keeper here... let the trade offers start flying!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Football Dabbling...

Ok, so I was left on my own this weekend which usually means copious amounts of time at the Local Card Shop. The wife is away in Houston, having attended the funeral of a dear friend's mother.

So, I decided to use some "fun money" on some football cards... this will be a multi-part post as I bought a bunch... so I'll start with the 2012 Crown Royale. The more I see this set, the more I like it. It looks great and I am a sucker for die cut base cards, what can I say...

So a big part of the set is the parallels to the base set... here are the ones I picked up today...
I kind of like the Calvin Johnson the best, it looks even more impressive in person. I picked up a few Texans in the packs as well. Here are my hits from all my packs of Crown Royale today:
I am pretty happy with the Randle and the Tannehill! A die cut patch relic?!?! The Randle is nice and low numbered as well! The Tannehill is already up on eBay, the Randle may soon join it. But as always, my non-Texans stuff is up for trade. If anyone needs base cards, I'm getting a nice stack of those as well.

Are there any football collectors following? I don't know how well these football posts are being received... am I turning off my loyal baseball readers? Does apathy abound? Am I talking to myself?

Alright... well, hope you enjoyed, tomorrow I'll show you what I got from 2012 Momentum.

January Group Break - Football - Box #2 - 2011 Crown Royale

Here's the video everyone... if you're in the break, I think this one is short enough and exciting enough to watch before you go look at the scans!

Scans after the page break, as always!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Football Group Break 2nd Team Randomization

Here's the list of participants:

1) Atlanta - Bobby
2) Carolina - Bobby
3) San Francisco - arpsmith
4) Arizona - Spankee
5) Green Bay - Bobby
6) Detroit - Scott Sawyer
7) Minnesota - Matt Pederson
8) New England - Martyn
9) Buffalo - Scott Sawyer
10) Pittsburgh - NY Hitman 23
11) Baltimore - Spankee
12) Cincinnati - daddyohoho
13) Denver - Spankee
14) Houston - The Dimwit
15) Indianapolis - Martyn
16) Tennessee - The Dimwit

Here's the randomization:
So our team pairings will be:

1) Atlanta & Kansas City - Bobby
2) Carolina & New Orleans (Trade with Spankee) - Bobby
3) San Francisco & Tampa - arpsmith
4) Arizona & Philadelphia (Trade with Spankee) - Spankee
5) Green Bay & Oakland - Bobby
6) Detroit & Dallas - Scott Sawyer
7) Minnesota & Jacksonville - Matt Pederson
8) New England & Chicago - Martyn
9) Buffalo & NY Giants - Scott Sawyer
10) Pittsburgh & Miami - NY Hitman 23
11) Baltimore & Seattle - Spankee
12) Cincinnati & Cleveland - daddyohoho
13) Denver & San Diego - Spankee
14) Houston & NY Jets - The Dimwit
15) Indianapolis & Washington - Martyn
16) Tennessee & St. Louis - The Dimwit

So there you go everyone! The boxes will be here tomorrow, expect the first video up tomorrow and the second on Saturday. I'm hoping to get all packaged up and out on Saturday as well. 

If anyone wants to trade their second teams, by all means, just have both parties comment below! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Topps Triple Threads Base Want List

Want:2, 10, 16, 18, 19, 36, 37, 40, 57, 58, 69, 70, 75, 79, 82, 90, 93

Group Break Payment Due!!!

For any of you guys in my Football Break, if you're waiting on sending payment please go ahead and send now. I'd like to get all payments in tonight.

There is 1 slot left, if it's not claimed tonight then I'm going to go ahead and claim it so I can get the boxes ordered first thing in the morning.

Thanks for joining everyone. Maybe if this goes well, I'll get some 2012 products next time around and maybe get a faster fill. I went with the boxes I did for affordability and maximum value. So hopefully we get something awesome!

I'll post the randomization tomorrow after work, and then hopefully Friday we'll be busting boxes!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Packages! I love Monday Mail Days!!!

Alright, first of all, I still need 7 slots filled on the Football Group Break. I'd really like to do this, but I'm unable to carry slots on my own this time. So if it doesn't fill by the end of the week, I'll just refund everyone and we'll try again another time.

On to more fun stuff! A big thanks to Wes at Jay Barker Fan's Junk and Adam over at Arpsmith's Sportscard Obsession for a couple packages I got today, Wes with random Astros stuff and Adam with a bunch of 2012 Panini Cooperstown base cards! Thanks!

Today, I got a package in the mail from Shane over at Shoebox Legends. He held a trade bait draft and I ended up with some great stuff!
Don't know Bill Skowron at all, but it was available and I snagged it. My goal was to get as many baseball cards as possible, as he also had a lot of hockey. It worked well in my favor as some of the guys in the draft were hockey collectors and left the baseball alone for a round or two!
A bunch of relics and autos. My favorite here is the Felipe Alou auto, then picking up the Moises Alou a few rounds later was a nice touch. Yes, the card at the far bottom was cut off intentionally. I shall not mention his name. All of these are up for trade, I have a good feeling I know a certain blogger who will want those Carpenters.
I got a nice little stack of vintage as well! Shane has a decent little selection of the 52's and I got a good percentage of them. I was also pretty happy to get the Carew and the Batting Leaders card! Any of these are up for trade as well.
And finally, I made it through with only drafting 4 "modern" base cards. Not too shabby if I say so myself! Thanks Shane! Great draft!!!!

Next up, a redemption from Topps!
Any Reds fans interested? Not a bad signature at all on this one.

Finally, an eBay pick up that'll leave you seeing double...
Yep, I picked this up for about $2, a lot of 2 Nolan Fontana autos. Ever since his 0-for-0 debut with 5 walks, I've been intrigued by this youngster. I really hope he develops quickly and can make an impact at the major league level. He played well at Florida and transitioned quickly and easily to A-ball last year after the draft! I'm only keeping one of these so if any Astros collectors are interested the second is up for trade!

Please if you have any interested in the football draft, head on over and take a look. Should be a fun one.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1st Ever Dimwit Football Group Break - Sign Ups ARE FULL!!!

I've been thinking about doing a football group break a lot lately... I have decided to give it a shot. I'm going to do a smaller break to make sure that I can get it filled and to gauge interest...

As always, Paypal funds as a GIFT to samuelpair(at)yahoo(dot)com

What will we be busting? Well, two great products:
2011 Crown Royale, this product guarantees 4 hits and is focused more on the hit aspect of the product. All kinds of great rookies from last year's draft class.
2011 Donruss Elite - 20 packs, 4 hits... this one is more about the base and inserts to me. Again, great hits from past and present in this box. 

I wanted to get two products that would draw interest and also provide a good number of cards per slot potentially. This break will end up with 8 hits and a bunch of other cards. If any slot gets skunked, I'll make sure they get some cards anyway. 

Ok, so this will work like my baseball breaks. $10 will get you a 2-team slot, one randomized and one your pick. Pick your team by leaving a comment ON THIS POST. Once 16 slots are full, I'll randomize the rest! If you want more than one slot, every slot after the first is $9 per slot. International will be $13 for the first slot, $9 for each slot after that.

Any cards with multiple teams will be settled via randomization. Any multi-team hits involving one of my teams (picked or random) will be settled via randomization as well. Any team that has moved will go to the current franchise (exception: Browns, all Browns cards will go to the current Browns franchise). 

Alright, comment away everyone:

Atlanta - Bobby - PAID
Carolina - Bobby - PAID
New Orleans
NY Giants
San Francisco - arpsmith - PAID
St. Louis
Arizona - Spankee - PAID
Green Bay - bobby - PAID
Detroit - Scott Sawyer - PAID
Minnesota - Matt Pederson - PAID
New England - Martyn - PAID
NY Jets
Buffalo - Scott Sawyer - PAID
Pittsburgh - NY Hitman 23 - PAID
Baltimore - Spankee - PAID
Cincinnati - daddyohoho - PAID
San Diego
Kansas City
Denver - Spankee - PAID
Houston - The Dimwit - PAID
Indianapolis - Martyn - PAID
Tennessee - The Dimwit - PAID

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Dimwit Dabbles In Football...

So I went to the LCS to pick up supplies and ended up buying cards as well, of course... I've always mainly collected baseball. Although recently, in football crazed Alabama, I've been tempted more and more by football cards. So, what the heck, I decided to try out a few products this week... 5 packs total...

First up, one pack of 2012 Panini Momentum... so basically you get a hit in each pack, so that's nice, but you also get only two base cards, so if you're a set collector this is not a product you want to buy packs of, just wait on the secondary market for singles...
Sidney Rice and Mendenhall for my base cards, meh...
Who? Not a Denver fan, won't even pretend to act like I know if this guy is good or not. I'm guessing there are a lot of autos of guys like this, 4th round picks, numbered /799. Maybe he becomes a shut down CB.

Next up, two packs of 2012 Panini Crown Royale... I like this product mainly because of the die cut cards, I'm a fool for die cuts... This is another "hit-per-pack" product and would be an awesome set to put together given the funds...

Pack #1:
Awesome looking base cards! The Jenkins is numbered /25. I even like the non-die cut base cards. A lot of foil board... and the hit from this pack:
Fleener, not bad, had a good year with his college QB joining him on the Colts this year. The only down side of these rookie cards, is that they are "event-used" not game used. They are all from the Rookie Premier and not an NFL game. This one is numbered /149. Not bad.

Pack #2:
Awesome to get a Texan! This pack is a little Chargers heavy for my liking though! Gilmore is numbered /149 and is kind of sparkly... Rivers, what a waste, the Chargers really made the wrong decision when deciding between him and Brees... and my hit for this pack:
Apparently I like pulling Bernard Pierce cards as this is the second one I've got from my limited football purchases! This one is numbered out of just /49 and has a sick patch. I like it! I may get some more of the Crown Royale product.

Finally, we have Absolute Football 2012. This is a bit more expensive and also has a hit for each mini-box.

1st Pack:
Four base cards per pack... nothing too exceptional about the base cards in my opinion... although they are on foil board type cardboard and at decent action shots... My first hit:
Not too shabby... played well in limited action this year and I believe he won the one start he had. Probably should have started that playoff game, but showed he's not just a strict back-up. Washington will probably be forced to trade him after next season unless RG3 continues to have knee problems, which is likely considering his style of play. This one is numbered out of /299. 

2nd Pack:
ARIAN!!!!! Heck ya! I got me a nice looking Foster. Not so excited about the Tebow... has more hoopla been made about a lesser player???? So tired of it already... and my epically awesome hit from this pack:
Wow, what an awesome card! Great design and two great subjects. A major HOF'er and a guy who should eventually make his way in. We all know the Terrell Davis story, but he had a great career even if it was shortened by injuries. This beauty is numbered 41/50! Awesome!

Well, expect to see more football, just sayin' I'm getting a little tired of the Topps monopoly, and watching baseball sets just be regurgitations of the previous year, with less and less creativity. I love Gypsy Queen and all, but it should have been a one and done set. Not saying I won't buy any, but it was a product that should have hit the shelves and then been shelved for another 100 years... Anyways, they go back to the well a little too often and ruin products within a year or two (Allen and Ginter?!?!?). Ok, I am not going to rant on Topps right now. 

This does show that Panini can make quality products with licensing. Just hope MLB gives them a chance in a year...

All the hits and non-Texan base are up for trade. Would be looking for Texans hits in return or Astros if need be!