Monday, December 31, 2012

What Did The Dimwit Buy With His Christmas Money?

Baseball cards of course... duh!

Alright, we stopped by the LCS this afternoon and I snagged up a box of 2012 Bowman Sterling. This is new and improved. As they got rid of the mini-boxes from years past and loaded it with ONLY autographs. No cheap relic hits and such now a days. You get 18 autographs! Last year I was shorted my promised dual auto or relic and it was replaced. This year there is no such promise, but there are some available.

Here's my loot:

The six base cards/inserts:
Let me be the first to say, these cards are ridiculously nice! The top row are all numbered. They are all kinds of shiny and the scan (as great as it is) doesn't do it justice. Awesome looking cards and yes, they are all for trade!

Next up, my autographs!
 These are 15 of the base autographs, plus the redemption for the Montero refractor! Most of these guys, I've never heard of... some like Fried, Travieso, Walker and Cecchini have a bit of recognition factor. Slick looking autos, all on-card the card stock + shiny factor make me very happy. Great looking set of cards. It'd be pretty awesome to put together the set of these autos. It'd look awesome in a binder!

The two refractors I pulled:
I don't know nothing about this Haniger fella, but Parker looks like he's going to be a force to deal with in the AL West! Crazy how the Diamondbacks keep trading away such great arms with the recent Bauer deal to Cleveland. They know how to pick 'em! 

Well, unfortunately there's not a single card from this box that fits in my collection. There are some Astros in this set, so if any of you pull one I'd love to swing a deal! 

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