Saturday, December 29, 2012

Packages Abound Upon My Return

Wow, ok so the mailbox was chock full of goodness upon our return from Christmas break...

First of all a trade with Arno of I'm Ballsy fame... we hammered out a deal where I ended up with these two beauts:
For all you Tigers fans drooling over the Tramell, sorry but I dealt for this card (#'ed 1/10) as part of a deal to get a trade completed with Dustin over at Coot Veat and the Vealtones, this one is headed right back out to the mail on Monday! The Hollywood card is for the wife of course, she loves the old leading men and ladies of Hollywood's Golden Era.

Next up, a quick redemption from Topps!
Freddie, we really need to work on this autograph of yours! Anyways, it's for trade!

Next up, a purchase from BrentAndBecca on eBay. They had a bunch of the Leaf Buybacks /20 on sale and none of the Astros had any bids, so I snatched all these up!
And finally...

A long awaited package that I wasn't sure would ever show up... a couple months ago now, Kevin aka The Diamond King held a Trade Bait Draft and I jumped in. The cards accidentally got mailed to my former Houston address on November 17th. The package was stamped "return to sender" then had a forwarding label slapped over it, so apparently the current occupant took the package to the PO and they finally realized I had a forwarding request in... anyways, long story short I got my cards!!!!

I ended up with quite a bit of trade bait and a few keepers... all the bait has been added to my photobucket for those interested... behold...

A slew of Game Used and Autos!

And then some nice vintage and base cards!
My first copy of Lance's Bowman "First Card"...
Some nice vintage there! Kevin, thanks for a great draft!

I've got more stuff to show off tomorrow once we're 100% unpacked!

Hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas, and sorry for the prolonged break, but I think I needed it!


  1. I'm drooling, man. I'll be sending your cards out Wednesday.

  2. Well, at least I know who picked up the Mike Scott buyback before I pulled the trigger. The real question is whether it was you who outbid me on the first Leaf Buyback Mike Scott Autograph.

  3. Me wants the Freeman. Must have the Freeman. Let me see what I may have for you.

  4. SURE !!!!!!! Tempt me with the Alan Trammell , Then snatch it back !! O'Well

  5. Cool beans. I posted about our trade over at I actually just pulled *another* Trammell auto from the recent Panini Limited. That makes 3 Trammell autos I've pulled now.

  6. Awesome!! I'm so glad they made it, finally. I still have a small package coming your way soon, and I'll use the right address this time.