Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Link In Sidebar - Trade Bait: "Hits Autos Relics"

Hey everyone! I have decided to abandon my Google Drive Document with my Trade Bait list. It was WAY out of date and getting unmanageable. Took way to long to edit and whatnot. So I spent a couple hours scanning in cards and created a photobucket.

Now the link for Hits Autos Relics will take you to my photo bucket with scans of each and every card in my bait. I hope this helps everyone!

I have three albums: Baseball, Football and Oddball. Should be pretty easy to look around. If you have a question about a particular card, let me know!


  1. I will take Baltimore for that last slot in the break !!

  2. There's nothing "oddball" about hockey!!!

    Actually, with the lockout and ensuing labor negotiations, that might be the perfect word.

    Anyway, I use Photobucket for my trade bait, as well as other collections I want to show off. I just love how easy it is to add a card in there when you get one, and take one away when you trade it, while still keeping it organized.

  3. Welcome to the 20th century, Sam. :)

    And I started user Flickr for the same thing - easy to upload and easy to move to a different set.