Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Wife's Christmas Loot!

Ok, so the main gift to my wife this year was an awesome new blanket and a great fondue pot... she'll make great use of those of course but you know I've got to get her some cards for Christmas! So in her stocking I found two loose cards at the LCS, plus a couple of blaster boxes of American Pie... we're still hoping to put together the full HOLLYWOOD sign set, but haven't made much progress... and didn't make much with these blasters either!

Well, here is the first of the two loose cards:

This is from 2011 Americana, of course. A nice triple relic of Anthony Quinn, Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby!

The second card is from American Pie, I think it's pretty neat...
Yes, if we all wanted to we could go to Dallas and get some of the Grassy Knoll, but it wouldn't be as cool as this card! It's unique and a bit gimmicky, but it's still a piece of history and we like it! 

Alright, the first blaster was a bit of a dud, and only netted us the following relic:
By all means, any of you who are The Monsters fans this card is for trade... I have no clue who this guy is or who he played... I don't know if I've ever really watched a full show... 

The second blaster was LOADED with good stuff... first up, a buy back card and a /76 Spotlight parallel of Rod Serling!
Ok, so I wasn't even aware there was a /76 parallel set to American Pie as we hadn't pulled any of these! So, it was cool to get one out of a blaster. The buy back is from 1979 "The Black Hole" movie card set. I hadn't even heard of this movie! Am I THAT out of touch? Granted, I wasn't alive in 1979 but still, I'd have thought I'd run across this movie somewhere along the line, right? 

Finally, she got a BIG HIT out of the second blaster...
Whoa! We now are half way to the American Pie America Relics (we only need the Lewis and Clark Trail and the Gettysburg piece). Very cool! That was a nice redemption for the first blaster! I just wonder how Topps got away with going up to the statue and chipping off enough to get these cards made!

She did so well with that second blaster, we were at Target last night and I picked her up another blaster! She got a card with pack odds of 1:670 packs! Check it out:
Ok, so it's rare-ish (not numbered)... but it's Kato Kaelin... hmm... kill it with fire!!!!! I love the tag line at the bottom "Actor/Trial Witness" because you know, we'd totally remember him as an actor if it hadn't been for that whole OJ trial thing... Thanks American Pie... thanks... looking at the checklist of available auto/relics, this isn't the absolute worst but there's not a "WOW" card in that list either...

SEE UPDATED "WANT LIST" on the side bar if you have any American Pie stuff for trade!!!!


  1. "The Black Hole" was Disney's attempt to cash in on the general Star Wars mania pf the late 1970's. I saw it when it came out, and, well... there's a reason you've never heard of it.

    Nice hits!

  2. I was wondering where that Grassy Knoll went the last time I swung by, lol. Congrats!

  3. I own The Black Hole on DVD if anyone wants to come over and watch it. Yes - it was one of the many movies that jumped on the sci fi SW band wagon, but I like the movie.