Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Group Break - Box #4 - 2012 Gypsy Queen Retail Rack Pack Box

As always...

Scans after the page break...

Here's the "hits"...
So yea, as you saw in the video, it looks like we got shorted a hit. There was one pack that only had 4 cards in it total, so I believe it was supposed to have something and didn't... it was probably supposed to be something ridiculously awesome like an autographed Nolan Ryan printing plate. Not that they even produced those in this set, but I can dream right?

Well, sorry for the tad bit of disappointment, the second rack pack box was no where near as exciting as the first.

I'm nearly done sorting all these cards, good golly there is a LOT of base cards! Not to mention all the inserts and mini's! We leave for Houston on Friday and all the packages will mail before then except the international packages, which will have to wait until I can physically go to an open PO, but they'll make the trip to Houston with me and I'll get them on their way!


  1. Great break, never realized how much the A's and Rockies suck on Gypsy Queen. Yankees and Tigers hit it big.

  2. Hey Daddyoho - you up to trade me one of those Gehrig framed borders? I think you got a few. If you are game, shoot me an email when you get your envelope.

  3. hey if there is Extras in the Tigers Gypsy Queen , I would love to trade for them !!! ( I think everybody got extras !! )

  4. Thanks again for running this great break. BTW, I looked up the stadium relics and they are a 1:4,200 chance at coming out of a retail pack, so that is definitely the biggest hit I've ever been involved in.