Friday, December 21, 2012

Another COMC Haul!

Well, I had some spare money and headed over to COMC to have some fun... here's what I ended up with:

This slew of 2012 GQ minis reduces my needs list down to just three: 88, 119, 160.
Also, the Konrad Schmidt from 2011 reduces my needs list in 2011 GQ minis down to just three as well: 310, 324, 331.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts, please contact me immediately... ;)

Full sized cards...
 The Car-Go is an SP which is my last non-Yu-Darvish SP needed to complete the set base set. I don't know if I'll ever end up with the Darvish. For some reason my want list said I needed Mays, Felix and Gibson and I don't know why but I picked them up anyways. I need just two more Gypsy Kings to complete that set as well! I picked up a couple of GQ autographs towards that subset with Gio and Clay. The Nolan auto was a cheap /99 pick-up! I was pretty excited!

Triple Threads Rainbow!!!!
 Gotta love a nice TT rainbow of a favorite player!

Finally, some hits!
A SWEEEEEET Berkman /25 patch card, a Berkman/Oswalt/Pence triple relic and a manu-patch! Not too shabby. The Martinez is #'ed out of 199 and is all shiny!

Have a great break everyone, this may be my last post until the new year!!!!!