Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Trade With Kemp Kershaw

I don't feel like typing out the complete name of his blog, so Greg a.k.a Kemp Kershaw and I had worked on a trade for a while and finally completed it the other day. I have yet to mail his end out, since I'm waiting on the massive mail day that will be the Group Break to get all my mailings out...

Anyways, here's the cards from Greg:
Nolan Fontana may be the next big thing in Houston... he also could be the next Adam Everett. He drew 5 walks in his first game in the Astros minor league system so I'm pretty excited to watch his potential. He skipped rookie ball and went to A ball out of the draft so here's hoping he moves quickly through the system. I love the Bagwell half of the SPX Materials card, anyone want to take the bottom portion if I cut it in half???? Another Bagwell to round out the top row! The Jonathan Meyer card was a bit of a surprise when he offered it because I had to go research who he was! Apparently we drafted the guy and I wasn't paying attention! Anyways, a very nice patch auto numbered out of just /30. Finally, we have a card for the wife's collection, a gently loved Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford card from a mid 30's tobacco set! She loved it!

Hopefully our group break package arrives today. It was shipped Wednesday via "Priority Mail (2-3 days)" but showed "Left Sorting Facility"this morning, my fingers are crossed it gets to my PO before my driver packs up their truck for deliveries!

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  1. haha, nobody's called me KempKershaw in a LONG time. Thanks for the trade Sam!