Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Group Break - Box #5

Here's the final box everyone! The wife and I got all the domestic packages put together tonight and will get them to the post office drop box tomorrow afternoon. The three international packages will go out a little later in the week, as I'll have to find a way to get to the PO during open hours on a holiday week! EEK! Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the break...

Scans after the page break...

Here's the hits!!!
The Mets really racked up the hits in this break! Congrats to Jeff, Doug and Steve for hits in the final box!


  1. Curses! Shut out again! At least I need the commons.

  2. Since I cleaned up, if someone got skunked for hits, they can have 1 of my Prince Fielder rookies from one of the earlier boxes. It's only a base, but it is a nice base.

    1. Apparently, the whole enchilada was already packed and weighed and postaged. Sorry, folks!

  3. Damn you Jeff, for beating me to this break. I hope this means you won't be stealing my Iguchi auto now!

  4. Yes yes yes. It's safe.

    Funny, Sam - as the video starts I say to myself "Ok, no more Rays in this last box." HA!

  5. I had the Rays & I was hoping for Tigers . I kept saying no more Rays !!!