Friday, November 16, 2012

November Group Break - Box #1

Let's get this party started... here's box #1!

As always, scans of the hits after the break...

Here's the hits!
Ok, so WOW... that Wright swatch is AWESOME, RIDICULOUS and CRAZY... great first box! Martyn, myself, Jeff and Doug get the spoils of the first box! (Just a heads up, I've already opened and filmed all the boxes, this is the only hit I personally get, so hope that gives you all a little hope!)

Hope you enjoyed video #1!


  1. David Wright been berry, berry good to me.

  2. Holy crap - did they gut that runs the break actually get a hit for once?!

  3. I thought i had the padres as my 2nd team?

  4. I think it had a Padres pic on it But it was called a AL Artifacts and Boston next to it !! GO METS !!

  5. I don't think there was a Cardinal in that entire box, lol.