Friday, November 30, 2012

Group Break Package Update - Post #800... and a contest...

The International Packages (Canada, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom) all went out in the mail today. I apologize again for the delay... I think I'm going to try and plan the next break where my postal days will fall a little closer to Friday/Saturday and I have time to get to a Post Office before it closes...

Speaking of the next break... I think I may have something up my sleeve for this next one. I've got ideas... and plans... and schemes... Stay tuned for more details.

Anyone else trading lately? I am working on a deal or two, but things have slowed to a trickle lately despite several trade bait posts? Is everyone out of Astros? Haha... Am I asking for too much in return? Does my bait suck? Ha! Who knows...

Anyways, here are cards I'm holding in my "pending trade" file and who they are for...

1) Lot of A&G 2012 Mini's and such - Democratic Roadkill
2) Ryan Zimmerman GQ Auto - Spankee
3) Lot of 2012 Topps 1987 Mini's - Sports Syzygy
4) Bunch of Dodgers & Miscellany - Platchke...
5) Lot of Bowman Platinum - Napkin Doon
6) 2 Zumaya Relics - Dennis B.
7) Ike Davis Auto - Spiegel
8) Ty Wigginton Silk Card - Brad's Blog

Wow, guess I had more than I thought pending... if I've missed you, if we're working on something, please remind me in the comments... especially if you've sent me something and I owe you. They don't call me The Dimwit for nothing...

Oh yea, this is "officially" my 800th post... here's the blurb I accidentally posted the other day:
"Wow, this is post #800... seriously, when I started this blog a few years ago now, I never thought it'd last a year, let alone get me to 800 posts! Crazy! Thanks for all you loyal readers and for those who have been encouraging along the way! I am blessed by how supportive and awesome the collecting community is in general, even if there are a few bad apples in the bunch. I know my blog isn't for everyone, but for those who keep coming back, you are AWESOME. Best group of readers ever!"

And I mean every word of it... for all those loyal readers, just leave a comment and let me know two things 1) what your favorite blog is (and don't you dare try to flatter me, it won't help you) as I want to see if I can find some more blogs to read! and 2) Leave a link to your blog, photobucket, trade list, or a funny video you like on youtube. 

All entrants who LEGITIMATELY post BOTH OF those two things will be put into a randomization for a prize package from the Dimwit's collection that will reflect your collection in some way.

I'll wrap this up on Sunday night, so hurry up and get your entries in!


  1. I shy away from card-related things for both of these:

    My favourite non-card blog is BuzzerBlog, which covers all things game show, and is likely responsible for my developing an addiction this year to the British game show 'Countdown'.

    For a video, I'll stay in the game show world and give you Ginger, who manages to give two of the worst answers in the history of Match Game:

  2. Favorite blog is tough, but Dennis picks up some cool stuff and posts photos of Alison Brie. I am easily pleased.

    I'm posting a link to my blog AND a video. Because I won't miss a chance to self-promote yo.

  3. Easy peesy,
    I'm going to go outside the cardblogosphere and recommend you check out The Bloggess if you haven't. She cracks me up.


  4. The Fleer Sticker Project is pretty awesome.

    And I'm at

  5. Favorite blog? I spend a lot of time reading It's just a bunch of stupid crap that entertains me. Otherwise I am on the blogroll for laughs.

    If you want crap, you can always visit me at (custom URL baby - SUCK IT!)

    I tend to post a lot of YouTube videos sort of related to my post, for laughs. I usually shoot for songs, but sometimes you get a video that no matter how hard you try, you can't guide the post in a direction to validate using the video. Something like this:

    (I think that sound is people unfollowing me)

  6. Night Owl is my favorite blog with a nod to Dime Boxes.

    Here is a link to my blog. Check it out, I run a decent blog.

  7. I spend a few minutes each day on my blogroll, but and Sports Card Info are two that I tend to read every day. There is a third but we are not supposed to mention that one right.
    as for a funny video:

    Thanks Sam.

  8. I've really enjoyed Chronicles of Fuji (thanks to you for introducing it to me), I am a collect-a-holic and I enjoy living vicariously through his flea market excursions.

    And here is a video that I have greatly enjoyed since it's debut:

    Thanks for the contest!

  9. Being primarily, a hockey guy, I really enjoy the humorous takes at The Dirty Dangle (

    And I'll go ahead and promote myself in space number two (

  10. Congrats on 800, man.

    I'm a big fan of the underrated Napkin Doon:

    And here's the path to the ol' Coot world:

    Hey, I have some Astros stuff. We should get a trade going soon.

  11. Play at the Plate & Too Many Verlanders.

  12. Congratulations on #800! That's quite the accomplishment.

    Favorite blog? This is truly an impossible question to answer. It's like asking me if I'd rather eat gummy bears or bacon for breakfast. So I guess I'll just go with a pair of blogs that don't get a ton of exposure, but in my mind deserve to:

    Sports Cards & Memories -
    Chris P has a serious game used memorabilia collection and is a fellow SLU collector.


    This Card is Cool -
    I'm a huge fan of oddballs and 90's insert sets... Ryan blogs about both.

    I'd love to leave a link to my bucket or tradelists... but they're completely outdated. So here's a link to my blog:

    The Chronicles of Fuji -

  13. Congratulations on 800, here's to your next 800. 1,000 before Opening Day?

    also email me with your Jose Altuve cards, I have an Auto coming from a box break of Platinum!

    I'd have to say fave blog is Fuji's:

    My PC Collection

  14. Congrats on the 800 !! I like of lot of blogs but if I am forced to pick just one I will probably go with Nachos Grande at

    For the ones that don't know my blog yet here it is including Trade Bait, Want List and PCs:

  15. I think everyone should be reading these 2 daily:

    Core Contrarian/Contrary Guy -

    Can't Have Too Many Cards -

    As for my's my want list -

    I've been searching low and high for something to send you for the Zim auto. If you find someone who is a potential third party for the trade I might be able to find something for them.

  16. Geez, I've got close to 500 sites in my feed reader. Picking even just a couple to recommend is tough.

    One of my current favorites is Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency. It's comedic, creative writing. Good for a chuckle.

    I'm also a big fan of DrinkHacker (booze reviews and whatnot). Life is too short to drink crappy stuff.

    If we're talkin' just baseball and cards, I've always got to read Section 36 -

    As for my blog, well, you know where my blog is...

    Last, but not least, if you want a funny video, check out "Rage Quit" (or, the entire Rage Quit section actually).

    It's basically a guy playing video games terribly, then swearing... loudly... and constantly.


    ..are both quality. lol.

  17. congrats on 800.

    fave :

    in a shameless self interested move, my wantlists :

  18. I know I like my best friends blog a lot.

    My blog is check it out some time...I think you would like what I post about.
    Also, congrats on 800 that is an amazing accomplishment.

  19. Congratulations on the 800 posts!

    My favorite blogs to read are the Baseball Card Blog-

    As for me, mosey on over to!

    Thanks to you for the contest!

  20. I'm biased my favorite blog is my brothers

    I just started blogging recently and if you didnt know mine is

    keep up the good work! (I will be picking up some astros next weekend so I hope i grab something you want for that silk card!)

  21. So , I am on Youtube looking through videos and come across this one who just received a TTM..( what the , a TTM? ) Curiosity let me click the link and watch. What was it , well I found out after watching and was back in the game so to say. He had a trade he recieved as well from 30 Year old Cardboard.

    So off I went to see what this blog world offered as far as cards.Man was I in another world.So much so , I started one for myself , while I can't compete with the great blogs out there (including this one ), I 'm glad i have an avenue to share what i can.

  22. Just for the record, I love your trade bait, I just gotta find me some Astros to entice you with!

    My favorite lately:

    My Blog: