Saturday, November 3, 2012

Group Break - Contest Winnings and A Trade!

Today I have a few things to show off! Three of my favorite things actually: A Trade, A Contest Winning and Some Group Break Loot!

First up, the loot from My Cardboard Mistress, which recently ran it's annual "I bought a bunch of blasters, boxes and stuff all year and I'm going to do a group break around it all" break... it's awesome and if you get a chance, jump in because this one was epic! I have a huge stack of Astros cards and these two beauties:
That Biggio is sick, even if I do hate 2007 MLB Artifacts, the fact remains that this single card is better than any other card I've pulled from that dreaded product in any of my group breaks! Also, the Paulino is cool, but he's a Royal now and sucked as an Astro! AWESOME break Spankee, I love it and will be returning for more next year!

Next up, I won a contest over at Arpsmith and picked out this awesome Will Clark relic, I have a buddy here in Alabama that's a huge MSU fan, and will trade me a king's ransom for this one!!! :)
 Thanks Adam!

Finally, Jeffrey (a great guy if he contacts you for trades, he always surprises me) sent me the LAST TWO CARDS I NEEDED FOR MY 1978 Topps SET!!!!! IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!
Oh Bernie Carbo you were taunting me, now you're mine. What is great, is that the rookie shortstops card is generally thought of as the Molitor Rookie. Well, when Jeffrey e-mailed me, he just said "I've got 3 of the Trammell rookies" and it took me a second to realize he was referencing this card! He's a big Tigers fan, so he sees this card as Trammell's rookie, I love it. Fandom rocks!

Speaking of Fandom... my Astros unveiled (ish) their new logos yesterday. I'll have a post about it eventually, not much of it was a secret before the unveiling, but let me tell you first of all, those BP jerseys are already giving me a migraine.
There are so many things both right and wrong about that thing...


  1. grats on completing the 1978 set, great work !

  2. Congrats on 1978, there are some toughies in that set. I think of that card as the Trammell rookie as well and I can't stand the Tigers. I guess the reason is that Trammell was a much bigger star in the 80s than Molitor who didn't really achieve "Hall of Fame type" stardom until later in his career. It was the Trammell rookie in the 80s and in my mind it still is.

  3. damn, I love that Clark card. He's one of my favorite firstbasemen!

  4. Id doesn't count if your "new" jerseys look exactly like your "old" jerseys. Just sayin'