Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun Money Abounds... A Tale of Two 1/1 Cards!

Since the wife got her job about a month and a half ago now, we've been able to use some of the extra cash to give ourselves a bit of "fun money". Well, I went to the LCS this weekend with the intention of watching someone else bust open some Five Star, but alas my shop bought 2 cases of it and no one has ponied up the $500 to bust a box yet. It won't be me either... although if I had saved a couple months I could have... Anyways, they had a couple of new products in, one being 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition and I figured, what the heck, why not? If nothing else, I might be able to get lucky and pull some awesome Hollywood signature for my wife. What did I get? Well, it's a 1 of 1. The person isn't dead. I have a lot of buyer's remorse on this one... yeesh...
Yep, be jealous everyone... Dr. Ruth, "World Famous Sex Therapist/TV Personality"...

Well, I won't be buying any more of that. We'll see if there is some crazy Dr. Ruth fanatic out there who just HAS to have this card... I doubt it though.

But before I left the shop, I decided to hand over more of my dwindling "fun money" to the vicious Siren call of a full box of Triple Threads... First, the base and parallels:
Not too shabby on the top row... especially that Kemp #/ed /99! And MVP Posey, that's a nice card! For some reason, the NL East and Red Sox just love finding me in this product. You may be wondering at this point, "But Dimwit, you're missing a Parallel!?! Did you get shorted?" No, no I didn't... keep reading...

Here we go with my 4 hits...
 Seriously, the NL East just hates me... Nats, Phillies and Braves... just keep loading me up why don't ya? Very nice /27 Goldschmidt! Now I just have to find one of the 3 D'Backs fans that run across this blog to hand over a king's ransom for this bad boy! No? Ok, well, how about some nice Astros stuff???

Ok, so about that missing parallel... in the same pack as the redemption above (thanks Topps) there was something odd... the pack was already thin because of the redemption card, but even thinner so because of this bad boy in place of a base parallel!!!!

Say hello to my little metallic friend:
This is now the third Strasburg card I've pulled from Triple Threads this year... a 1/1, a 2/9 and a 4/36... this is getting ridiculous. Now I just need the Nats to let him pitch more than 180 innings and treating him like a piece of fine porcelain.

Not too shabby for a trip to the LCS... two 1/1 cards... too bad one of them involved Dr. Ruth in any way, shape or form...

And no, not a single card in this post is a "keeper"... so there's that too... TRADE BAIT!!!!!


  1. congrats on the Stras pull! as you might have guessed, the Kemp does interest me. also, and I haven't checked my e-mail since this morning, so you may have responded, but there's an e-mail waiting for you.

  2. Thank goodness you bought some other cards. I was about ready to send you some flowers and a sympathy card for that horrid Dr. Ruth thing.

  3. Now, NO MORE LEAF!! Nice 1/1 Strasburg. Hope it brings you something good.

  4. I have a team set of 2012 Sega Card Gen (Japanese card game) Astros for you - picked it up last weekend. Not sure how many of them are still *with* the Astros, but it's a team set most other Astros fans won't have! I'd love to work out a trade for something - Triple Threads or some other 2012 stuff you have lying around for my type collection. (flagship, GQ, Opening Day, Ginter, and Archives I should be OK on, but most everything else I need)

  5. Nice Stuff. Dr. Ruth? Who would have thought? Nice Stras Very very cool.