Friday, November 9, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 26 - Sweet!

Today's sweet card is proof that some times less is more... 2005 UD Sweet Spot - Sweet Threads:
There's a lot to love about this card. Simplicity, great design, the foil embossing, the solid border and a bit of an undersized swatch but also one that fits well within the construct of the card. There aren't too many cards from Sweet Spot that I don't like, well other than those faded signatures on the leather cards. But this is a very nice example, to me, where they could have gone overboard on design yet reigned it in and made a great looking card.

Group Break Update - I've selected the product, gotten pricing, and will post sign-ups this weekend. We'll return to the 2-teams per slot format for this one, as the 30 slot break last month drove me bonkers. This one will be only $13.50 per slot... and there will be 20 hits. This'll be a 1/4 case of a product I really like and have busted many times before on this blog. Hopefully 14 of you will want to join in the fun! Sign-ups will most likely go live at some point tomorrow!

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  1. There really is some nice stuff on, I have circa 1,000 for sale, none as nice as your loot! :)