Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Random Package from A Fan

A Jay Barker Fan that is... Wes from JayBarkerFan's Junk sent me a random package of Astros the other day... I am not entirely sure what I did to deserve these cards, but AWESOME cards Wes... I really do appreciate it!
A vintage Dierker! Some SWEEEET autographs! And a nice Berkman jersey! Thanks again Wes!

FYI, I found out the other day that I was over my limit in Blogger's picture database... so I was faced with a choice to either pay for storage (not happening at $2.50 a month perpetually) or delete old photos. So, in case you go wondering back through my archives and wonder where the hell the pictures went, well they are gone... never to return... sad day...

Have a great Thursday! The weekend is almost here!!!!!


  1. $2.50 a month?????

    I renew for 2 dollars each year.

  2. With my Google Plus account I get unlimited photos when they're under a certain size. I was pretty close to going over a year ago but haven't been bothered since joining Plus. And no, I don't really use Plus for anything.