Monday, November 26, 2012

A Purchase and a Trade

I had a couple of cards waiting for me upon my return from Thanksgiving vacation... boy did that break not last long enough, not feeling this whole "go back to work" thing today...

The awesome Nolan Ryan base card I picked up on eBay! #'ed out of 80, it's a freakin awesome card of Nolan!

My buddy James, who migrated his blogging over to Unabashed Interest, sent me the Ludhow auto as part of a deal for a couple of Will Clark cards! Thanks James.

As for the group break, I do want to apologize to the international participants. Due to the holiday and a couple of things out of my control, I wasn't able to get to a post office during operating hours to get those three packages mailed. I will work to get that done as soon as I can this week, but I'm afraid it'll be Saturday at the earliest with my work schedule.

Thanks for reading everyone!