Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Nice eBay Find from a Friend

Fellow blogger Greg frequently tips me off to eBay listings that may interest me... and he sent me one a little while ago that I kept my eye on. I finally pulled the trigger and for $12 shipped, this beauty is now mine...
SWEEEEEET! I love Sweet Spot autos, great concept, design and follow through. The ONLY thing I don't like, and yes I'm being nitpicky, is that the serial numbering is on the front, I think it'd look better if they just put that number on the back of the card instead. Other than that, I have no complaints over $12 well spent.


  1. Nice auto! I'd gladly pay $12 for something that nice of Berkman too.

  2. Great purchase. UD picked a great photo of Lance for the front. Beautiful card.

    Greg has led me to some PC items on eBay too. The guy goes above and beyond to help other collectors... definitely a class act.

  3. That looks like it held up well. I've seen a lot of the Sweet Spots that faded and/or bled over the years.

  4. GREAT Card !! And Price !! Did the same for a Sweet Spot Alan Trammell a few days ago !! I've been looking a while . You are going to be real happy when you see it in person !!! All you can say is " SWEET"