Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Big Night At Trade Night

So we had some fun at trade night on Saturday night at my LCS. You've already seen the bat I secured there, but here's the rest of everything else I picked up. It was a football heavy night, as all but one of the pack wars was football related. However I did pretty well for myself in the non-football pack war - won it - and the prize was: a box of football cards. I'll start off with the highlights from the baseball card packs that I did open:
A few packs of Chrome, both Topps and Bowman, landed me these. Somehow got two refractor numbered parallels of Donald Lutz. Hopefully he's turns into the next Jay Bruce and I'm a millionaire. Oh yea, all cards completely tradable.
Insert mania from 2 jumbo packs of update. OK, so out of these and the football packs I opened, here are my hits:
Another Red, this time an auto. A sweet silk card that won me the pack war (serial number closest to 41) and an Alfred Morris auto from Momentum.

Ok so the pack war win end up becoming a box of 2012 Ultimate Leaf Draft, one box, three cards, all autographs...
A trio of running backs! And two that I've heard of!!! And a printing plate!!!! Doug Martin just had an AWESOME day yesterday, this may be prime eBay fodder if I've ever seen it! Haha!

Anyways, anyone who is interested in the cards, they are all for trade! Let me know!

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