Friday, November 30, 2012

Group Break Package Update - Post #800... and a contest...

The International Packages (Canada, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom) all went out in the mail today. I apologize again for the delay... I think I'm going to try and plan the next break where my postal days will fall a little closer to Friday/Saturday and I have time to get to a Post Office before it closes...

Speaking of the next break... I think I may have something up my sleeve for this next one. I've got ideas... and plans... and schemes... Stay tuned for more details.

Anyone else trading lately? I am working on a deal or two, but things have slowed to a trickle lately despite several trade bait posts? Is everyone out of Astros? Haha... Am I asking for too much in return? Does my bait suck? Ha! Who knows...

Anyways, here are cards I'm holding in my "pending trade" file and who they are for...

1) Lot of A&G 2012 Mini's and such - Democratic Roadkill
2) Ryan Zimmerman GQ Auto - Spankee
3) Lot of 2012 Topps 1987 Mini's - Sports Syzygy
4) Bunch of Dodgers & Miscellany - Platchke...
5) Lot of Bowman Platinum - Napkin Doon
6) 2 Zumaya Relics - Dennis B.
7) Ike Davis Auto - Spiegel
8) Ty Wigginton Silk Card - Brad's Blog

Wow, guess I had more than I thought pending... if I've missed you, if we're working on something, please remind me in the comments... especially if you've sent me something and I owe you. They don't call me The Dimwit for nothing...

Oh yea, this is "officially" my 800th post... here's the blurb I accidentally posted the other day:
"Wow, this is post #800... seriously, when I started this blog a few years ago now, I never thought it'd last a year, let alone get me to 800 posts! Crazy! Thanks for all you loyal readers and for those who have been encouraging along the way! I am blessed by how supportive and awesome the collecting community is in general, even if there are a few bad apples in the bunch. I know my blog isn't for everyone, but for those who keep coming back, you are AWESOME. Best group of readers ever!"

And I mean every word of it... for all those loyal readers, just leave a comment and let me know two things 1) what your favorite blog is (and don't you dare try to flatter me, it won't help you) as I want to see if I can find some more blogs to read! and 2) Leave a link to your blog, photobucket, trade list, or a funny video you like on youtube. 

All entrants who LEGITIMATELY post BOTH OF those two things will be put into a randomization for a prize package from the Dimwit's collection that will reflect your collection in some way.

I'll wrap this up on Sunday night, so hurry up and get your entries in!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Random Package from A Fan

A Jay Barker Fan that is... Wes from JayBarkerFan's Junk sent me a random package of Astros the other day... I am not entirely sure what I did to deserve these cards, but AWESOME cards Wes... I really do appreciate it!
A vintage Dierker! Some SWEEEET autographs! And a nice Berkman jersey! Thanks again Wes!

FYI, I found out the other day that I was over my limit in Blogger's picture database... so I was faced with a choice to either pay for storage (not happening at $2.50 a month perpetually) or delete old photos. So, in case you go wondering back through my archives and wonder where the hell the pictures went, well they are gone... never to return... sad day...

Have a great Thursday! The weekend is almost here!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Massive Trade Bait Pick Up!

*NOTE: I originally thought this was my #800 post... but I was wrong, there were two blank drafts that I hadn't noticed were lingering.. so this is actually only #798... #800 celebration in a couple days! haha!*

So, over the Thanksgiving break I sniped an auction at the last second and netted a huge lot of jerseys, autos and a specific relic that I am currently trying not to drool all over...

Let's get started on this winding journey through a bunch of trade bait!
Ok, so if anyone wants the Leake, it's still a valid redemption and unredeemed. If someone doesn't claim it quickly, I'll go ahead and redeem it. Most of the Team USA guys are in college so it's a bit of a prospecting type deal. We'll see if any pan out... those last two guys, never heard of them...
More team USA and then some MLB guys. Too bad Joel Zumaya didn't last longer, those are a couple nice cards. I'm thinking BA Benny might be interested in that Ike Davis if he doesn't already have it!
More Team USA, with a Manny Machado appearance... Adam Dunn and Eric Thames to round out the scan.
Back to MLB guys. The Nathan and Willis relics, I think they are parts of hats, but I'm not sure. They don't feel like jersey and the card back doesn't provide any clarification! Finally, the Hector Jimenez auto for the Astros is one I don't think I have but wasn't going to really trade for, so nice it was included in the lot.


The big Mac Daddy of the lot... the card I could have bought for the price of the lot on it's own...

#14/50... look at that SWEEEEEET patch!!!!!! Tri-color and almost perfectly centered! They did their best not to kill my OCD on this one! AWESOME CARD! I love it! Totally worth what I ended up paying for the lot.

Hope you all enjoyed this trip through a purchase! If any of the non-Astros interest you, they are all up for trade of course!

A Purchase and a Trade

I had a couple of cards waiting for me upon my return from Thanksgiving vacation... boy did that break not last long enough, not feeling this whole "go back to work" thing today...

The awesome Nolan Ryan base card I picked up on eBay! #'ed out of 80, it's a freakin awesome card of Nolan!

My buddy James, who migrated his blogging over to Unabashed Interest, sent me the Ludhow auto as part of a deal for a couple of Will Clark cards! Thanks James.

As for the group break, I do want to apologize to the international participants. Due to the holiday and a couple of things out of my control, I wasn't able to get to a post office during operating hours to get those three packages mailed. I will work to get that done as soon as I can this week, but I'm afraid it'll be Saturday at the earliest with my work schedule.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trade Report and Holiday Break Time...

First up, I have a trade to report on from Mr. Spiegel over at Nomo's Sushi Platter (talk about an awesome blog name). I have thought from time to time to change the name of this blog, but I'm afraid now I'm stuck with it, even if I think of fun or humorous names I could easily switch too... like "Puma's Twinkies" or "The Bagwell Stance" or many others that have crossed my mind... for any intrepid new bloggers out there, the above blog names are copyrighted and are the sole property of me*(actually they aren't but whatever...)

Anyways, there was a trade! Several Astros cards found there way to my collect, Dodgers cards headed his direction... here's the highlights of my end of the deal...
A nice couple of Bagwell relics! With a tiny little pinstripe hiding on the far right of the "S" on the right card! Thanks Spiegel! Always a pleasure dealing with you!

That's it folks! We're driving from Alabama to Houston today for the Thanksgiving holiday! Regular posting to resume once we return. Feel free to e-mail me if you have trade offers or just random conversational topics to explore! Haha! Have a very thankful Thanksgiving, hug those you love and let them know you care. If you're alone on this holiday or away from loved ones for some reason, don't let it get you too down, take some time and enjoy the time away from work and all the crap life throws at you! Been there, and I know how much it sucks. Until Sunday-ish!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun Money Abounds... A Tale of Two 1/1 Cards!

Since the wife got her job about a month and a half ago now, we've been able to use some of the extra cash to give ourselves a bit of "fun money". Well, I went to the LCS this weekend with the intention of watching someone else bust open some Five Star, but alas my shop bought 2 cases of it and no one has ponied up the $500 to bust a box yet. It won't be me either... although if I had saved a couple months I could have... Anyways, they had a couple of new products in, one being 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition and I figured, what the heck, why not? If nothing else, I might be able to get lucky and pull some awesome Hollywood signature for my wife. What did I get? Well, it's a 1 of 1. The person isn't dead. I have a lot of buyer's remorse on this one... yeesh...
Yep, be jealous everyone... Dr. Ruth, "World Famous Sex Therapist/TV Personality"...

Well, I won't be buying any more of that. We'll see if there is some crazy Dr. Ruth fanatic out there who just HAS to have this card... I doubt it though.

But before I left the shop, I decided to hand over more of my dwindling "fun money" to the vicious Siren call of a full box of Triple Threads... First, the base and parallels:
Not too shabby on the top row... especially that Kemp #/ed /99! And MVP Posey, that's a nice card! For some reason, the NL East and Red Sox just love finding me in this product. You may be wondering at this point, "But Dimwit, you're missing a Parallel!?! Did you get shorted?" No, no I didn't... keep reading...

Here we go with my 4 hits...
 Seriously, the NL East just hates me... Nats, Phillies and Braves... just keep loading me up why don't ya? Very nice /27 Goldschmidt! Now I just have to find one of the 3 D'Backs fans that run across this blog to hand over a king's ransom for this bad boy! No? Ok, well, how about some nice Astros stuff???

Ok, so about that missing parallel... in the same pack as the redemption above (thanks Topps) there was something odd... the pack was already thin because of the redemption card, but even thinner so because of this bad boy in place of a base parallel!!!!

Say hello to my little metallic friend:
This is now the third Strasburg card I've pulled from Triple Threads this year... a 1/1, a 2/9 and a 4/36... this is getting ridiculous. Now I just need the Nats to let him pitch more than 180 innings and treating him like a piece of fine porcelain.

Not too shabby for a trip to the LCS... two 1/1 cards... too bad one of them involved Dr. Ruth in any way, shape or form...

And no, not a single card in this post is a "keeper"... so there's that too... TRADE BAIT!!!!!

November Group Break - Box #5

Here's the final box everyone! The wife and I got all the domestic packages put together tonight and will get them to the post office drop box tomorrow afternoon. The three international packages will go out a little later in the week, as I'll have to find a way to get to the PO during open hours on a holiday week! EEK! Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the break...

Scans after the page break...

November Group Break - Box #4

Here we go with the video for box #4:

Scans after the page break...

Friday, November 16, 2012

November Group Break - Box #1

Let's get this party started... here's box #1!

As always, scans of the hits after the break...

Group Break Update

First video will go up tonight! Can't wait!

I don't have any confirmed trades of 2nd teams as of this morning. If there is anyone who wants to swap teams, please head over to the main group break page and leave me a comment confirming a swap!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trading - Chumming the Waters...

It's been a while since I've pulled off a trade or two... I don't know if I've managed to clear the market on Astros cards or what, but I've got lots of bait if anyone is looking... here are some selected items that are still up for trade if you have cards to deal!

 The Fowler is the only card that's been traded from the above...
 The Ellsbury has been traded of the cards above...

Anyways, that's just a smattering of my recent pick-ups... I've got lots in the ol' "For Trade" binder as well!

Can't wait to get the group break started! Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Nice eBay Find from a Friend

Fellow blogger Greg frequently tips me off to eBay listings that may interest me... and he sent me one a little while ago that I kept my eye on. I finally pulled the trigger and for $12 shipped, this beauty is now mine...
SWEEEEEET! I love Sweet Spot autos, great concept, design and follow through. The ONLY thing I don't like, and yes I'm being nitpicky, is that the serial numbering is on the front, I think it'd look better if they just put that number on the back of the card instead. Other than that, I have no complaints over $12 well spent.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2nd Team Randomization

Here you go everyone, the list of participants:

1) Scott - Atlanta
2) Martyn - Boston
3) Jeff - Chicago White Sox
4) jaybarkerfan - Reds
5) Jeffrey - Tigers
6) Dimwit - Astros
7) gcrl - Dodgers
8) buckstorecards - Mets
9) Dutch Card Guy - Yankees
10) Brads Blog - Phillies
11) Steve - Pirates
12) jaybarkerfan - Giants
13) jamicfin - Cardinals
14) aj245 - Rangers
15) daddyohoho - Nationals/Expos

And here's the randomization results:
And the final pairings:
1) Scott - Atlanta & Arizona
2) Martyn - Boston & Seattle
3) Jeff - Chicago & Chicago... weird...
4) jaybarkerfan - Cincinnati & Baltimore
5) Jeffrey - Detroit & Tampa
6) Dimwit - Houston & Toronto
7) gcrl - LA Dodgers & Miami
8) buckstorecards - NY Mets & Milwaukee
9) Dutch Card Guy - NY Yankees & LA Angels
10) Brad's Blog - Philadelphia & San Diego
11) Steve - Pittsburg & Oakland
12) jaybarkerfan - San Francisco & Kansas City
13) jamicfin - St. Louis & Minnesota
14) aj245 - Texas & Colorado
15) daddyohoho - Washington & Cleveland

Alright... the boxes will start getting posted Friday night... feel free to trade in the comments of this post... if anyone is interested in Toronto, I'm open to a deal...

COMC Haul - Day 28 - And So Our Journey Ends...

It's with a heavy heart that I announce that my COMC Haul posts end today, as I've run out of cards... I'm sure you are all very upset and counseling will be available for those in need. Anyways, I didn't do anything crazy like save some super duper awesome card to last... just so happened this was the last one I scanned:
There's Bags ready to pounce on a grounder to first. The design of this card is all over the place, a little too crazy in my opinion. But I still like it because it's Bagwell. If it were Carlos Delgago, not so much. Not that I hate Carlos, but he's just not my guy.

Hope you all have enjoyed my journey through the COMC Haul that I put together! Have a great Tuesday!

Group break 2nd team randomization tonight, I'll get the cards ordered today, but since I work til 5 every day except Friday I probably won't get the box from my apartment manager's office until Friday... so expect a weekend of videos!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Group Break Update - Full and Payment Due!

The break is full! Get your payments in by end of day tomorrow please! Randomization tomorrow night! Thanks guys!

COMC Haul - Day 27 - Marquee Attractions

Just a heads up, I only need 2 more slots to fill in my November Group Break! Some great teams left, let's get this filled up today so I can get those boxes ordered!

Alright, you thought I was done with my COMC haul posts?!?!? Ha! There are two more... today and tomorrow... so deal with it... :)

I already showed off a Roger Clemens from this same subset. I literally, as I was typing that last sentence, saw that the black frame around the jersey swatch made an "M" and an "A" for Marquee Attractions. Awesome. Anyways, I really like the card. Only one more COMC post...

How about them Texans?!?!?! Talk about a statement win, went into Chicago and punched 'em in the mouth!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Group Break - Sign-Ups Are LIVE!!!!

Alright everyone, it's that time! Group break sign ups are live. There are 15 slots in this break, 2 teams per slot, first team is your selection, second team will be randomized. Cost is $13.00 per slot. Payable via paypal GIFT to samuelpair(at)yahoo(dot)com.

What are we busting? Good question. I wanted to do something fun and get the most fun "hits" possible. So I decided it was time to bust some more 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts!
5 Boxes worth!!!!!! That's 20 hits!!!! There are generally 3 relics and 1 auto per box, but there are also auto/relics and jumbo artifacts as well. I've had some great luck with this product. I believe the last time I did a case of this stuff we ended up with some great stuff going to the Nationals, a Zimmerman rookie auto, jumbo artifact and regular artifact. Anyways, should be a great 1/4 case worth of hits. I'm snagging the Astros of course!

Please claim your team by leaving a comment ON THIS POST! No claims via e-mail, you must leave a comment on this post. Thanks!

Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves - Scott Sawyer - PAID
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox - Martyn - PAID
Chicago White Sox - Jeff Wilk - PAID
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Cleveland Indians
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers - Jeffrey - PAID
Miami Marlins
Houston Astros - The Dimwit - PAID
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers - gcrl - PAID
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets - buckstorecards - PAID
New York Yankees - The Dutch Card Guy PAID
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies - Brad's Blog - PAID
Pittsburgh Pirates - Steve - PAID
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals - jamicfin - PAID
Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers - aj245 - PAID
Toronto Blue Jays
Washington Nationals - daddyohoho- PAID

Thanks everyone!

Friday, November 9, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 26 - Sweet!

Today's sweet card is proof that some times less is more... 2005 UD Sweet Spot - Sweet Threads:
There's a lot to love about this card. Simplicity, great design, the foil embossing, the solid border and a bit of an undersized swatch but also one that fits well within the construct of the card. There aren't too many cards from Sweet Spot that I don't like, well other than those faded signatures on the leather cards. But this is a very nice example, to me, where they could have gone overboard on design yet reigned it in and made a great looking card.

Group Break Update - I've selected the product, gotten pricing, and will post sign-ups this weekend. We'll return to the 2-teams per slot format for this one, as the 30 slot break last month drove me bonkers. This one will be only $13.50 per slot... and there will be 20 hits. This'll be a 1/4 case of a product I really like and have busted many times before on this blog. Hopefully 14 of you will want to join in the fun! Sign-ups will most likely go live at some point tomorrow!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

COMC Haul 25 - My One And Only Oops

Sometimes in the flurry of activity of buying cards on COMC you lose track of what cards you already have... here's my "oops" moment within my haul:
Yep, I now have a duplicate of this very awesome 2003 Topps Chrome relic card. It's an awesome card, so I don't blame myself for buying it a second time. Anyone interested? It's for trade!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

COMC Haul Day 24 - Mighty Fine Finest

Here's today's card:
Wow, it's refractory!!!! And scanned beautifully! The shiny baseball behind the piece of bat just looks awesome. I couldn't like this card more. It's from 2003 Topps Finest and I'm glad I spent a little bit more on this one, as it looks great. They could have gotten a mid-swing Bagwell but maybe they couldn't fit that on the card. Only 4 more cards to show off... then I don't know what I'm going to post about...

For some of you who may be curious about the November group break. I'm debating back and forth whether to do one or not. My idea to switch to a "one team slot" style break back fired on me last month, big time, as I ended up having to discount teams to the point it wasn't fun for me or my pocketbook. And it wasn't fun to mail out stacks of 3-5 cards to a participant (although we all know the risks, right? I ended up with 5 cards also so don't think I don't understand the pain). So maybe I'll switch back to the two-team per slot break and find a couple products that have good hits without the redemption problems... if you have any suggestions, please e-mail me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Big Night At Trade Night

So we had some fun at trade night on Saturday night at my LCS. You've already seen the bat I secured there, but here's the rest of everything else I picked up. It was a football heavy night, as all but one of the pack wars was football related. However I did pretty well for myself in the non-football pack war - won it - and the prize was: a box of football cards. I'll start off with the highlights from the baseball card packs that I did open:
A few packs of Chrome, both Topps and Bowman, landed me these. Somehow got two refractor numbered parallels of Donald Lutz. Hopefully he's turns into the next Jay Bruce and I'm a millionaire. Oh yea, all cards completely tradable.
Insert mania from 2 jumbo packs of update. OK, so out of these and the football packs I opened, here are my hits:
Another Red, this time an auto. A sweet silk card that won me the pack war (serial number closest to 41) and an Alfred Morris auto from Momentum.

Ok so the pack war win end up becoming a box of 2012 Ultimate Leaf Draft, one box, three cards, all autographs...
A trio of running backs! And two that I've heard of!!! And a printing plate!!!! Doug Martin just had an AWESOME day yesterday, this may be prime eBay fodder if I've ever seen it! Haha!

Anyways, anyone who is interested in the cards, they are all for trade! Let me know!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Contest Results!

Here's the randomization for the Lil' Teammates contest:
Congrats to the winners. If you two guys could send me a separate e-mail from the e-mail address you'd like to have Lil Teammates contact you at, so that I can pass along the correct information, I'd appreciate it!

UPDATE: Wow, didn't realize how bad the video quality it would be, thanks a lot QuickTime. Anyways, the winners were Richard Nebe Jr. and arpsmith.

Here is the screen print from the final randomization:

Thanks for those who participated.

COMC Haul - Day 23 - Numbers Game

I had done a really good job of getting ahead of myself on scheduled posts. Somehow this weekend, that all went to crap... so, back on a daily post, "live blogging", are you excited? Anything could happen! Today's card from my COMC purchase is another Bagwell:

There's very little about this card that I don't like. The design is great, photo is great, jersey swatch incorporates his number. Love it. It's from 2003 Fleer Patchworks (a bit misleading with the "patch" moniker again but whatever).

I'll announce the winners of the Lil' Teammates contest after work tonight.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 22 - What's In A Name? A lie apparently...

This card comes from 2001 Fleer Platinum RC. The subset has a goofy pun-ish name: National Patch Time. Really? Stupid name... just stupid, especially when there is no patch involved in the card:
It does have a nice pinstripe that is vaguely itching at my OCD of wanting straight lines. But no patch. Liars. The design is great, I love the bat, ball and glove in the back ground. The picture is great, any card that incorporates that stance is awesome. Believe me, I tried mightily to copy that stance only to flail at pitches and look like a total buffoon.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Greatest Memorabilia Pick Up - EVER

Alright everyone, I've teased this for a few weeks. It's finally mine. It was Trade Night at the LCS (and I won some great stuff as well, more on that later). But a fellow collector, and blog reader, Bobby won a prize a couple months ago that I coveted. I was obsessed, I wanted to win it myself but alas his lucky ticket was pulled. He did the cool thing and allowed to either trade or outright buy it. Since my wife got a job a month or so ago, we set aside some cash just for this... a bat... not just any bat though... a bat with a plaque... and some autographs... that's right, not just one but three auto's... behold:

SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This thing is awesome and it's going to look AMAZING in a display box on my wall!

One obvious point here, this bat was signed some time between September 26, 1981 and June 11, 1990, as Nolan's inscription clearly states that he has "5 No Hit". Anyways, this is amazing. I wish it had come with some type of COA, but I plan on taking this to the next TriStar show and having it authenticated on-site.

Anyways, I am super excited to have this part of my collection, and no it is not for trade... Greg, I know it's signed by Koufax but it's my toy and you can't have it. :-D

Group Break - Contest Winnings and A Trade!

Today I have a few things to show off! Three of my favorite things actually: A Trade, A Contest Winning and Some Group Break Loot!

First up, the loot from My Cardboard Mistress, which recently ran it's annual "I bought a bunch of blasters, boxes and stuff all year and I'm going to do a group break around it all" break... it's awesome and if you get a chance, jump in because this one was epic! I have a huge stack of Astros cards and these two beauties:
That Biggio is sick, even if I do hate 2007 MLB Artifacts, the fact remains that this single card is better than any other card I've pulled from that dreaded product in any of my group breaks! Also, the Paulino is cool, but he's a Royal now and sucked as an Astro! AWESOME break Spankee, I love it and will be returning for more next year!

Next up, I won a contest over at Arpsmith and picked out this awesome Will Clark relic, I have a buddy here in Alabama that's a huge MSU fan, and will trade me a king's ransom for this one!!! :)
 Thanks Adam!

Finally, Jeffrey (a great guy if he contacts you for trades, he always surprises me) sent me the LAST TWO CARDS I NEEDED FOR MY 1978 Topps SET!!!!! IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!
Oh Bernie Carbo you were taunting me, now you're mine. What is great, is that the rookie shortstops card is generally thought of as the Molitor Rookie. Well, when Jeffrey e-mailed me, he just said "I've got 3 of the Trammell rookies" and it took me a second to realize he was referencing this card! He's a big Tigers fan, so he sees this card as Trammell's rookie, I love it. Fandom rocks!

Speaking of Fandom... my Astros unveiled (ish) their new logos yesterday. I'll have a post about it eventually, not much of it was a secret before the unveiling, but let me tell you first of all, those BP jerseys are already giving me a migraine.
There are so many things both right and wrong about that thing...

COMC Haul - Day 21 - Tools of the Trade

Here we go with another Bagwell, this time from 2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia! 
Tools of the Trade, I love these cards, I'm still kind of pissed that our Tools of the Trade relic card from the last group break was a redemption. Bogus. But this card, well this card is awesome! A sweet chunk of bat and jersey and it's numbered out of /250! I kind of with Donruss and their line of products were still around, seems to me like they were the most creative as I've seen these tools of the trade cards have everything in them from game worn shoes to hats. Anyways, I really like this one as well as it shows Jeff at the end of his swing. The man had a corkscrew type of swing that is very distinctive.

Friday, November 2, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 20 - Let The Bagwells Begin!

Alright, so the final considerable chunk of cards that I bought are all from my other favorite player of all time, Jeff Bagwell. So, let's get the ball rolling with this awesome relic:
There are a few things to really like about this card, starting with the old English style "S". The die cut around it is pretty cool and the fact that it's numbered /200 doesn't hurt either. The grey stone background looks great with the grey swatch, although on COMC it took me a few seconds to realize there was a jersey swatch there.

I have a total of 8 Bagwell cards to show off, so for those of you hating my COMC Haul posts, it'll be over in a week. Also, I've got to figure out what I'm doing for a group break this month...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 19 - A Biggio!!!!

So we are out of the Berkman phase... and onto what will be the VERY short lived Biggio phase. Somehow I only managed to buy one Biggio GU card during this binge... so here it is!

So that's a 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Blue Mirror Game Used Jersey /100!!!! Wow that's a long card title to type out! This card is awesome, from the foil board front to the numbering on the back. I love it.

I am still on the "First Ballot HOF" bandwagon for Biggio. If Larkin is in, with a similar if not slightly less impressive resume, then Biggio is a cinch to get in. With 3,000 hits, the NL HBP record, 291 career HR and an All-Star at 2 positions, well I'm just scratching the surface of his accomplishments. Yes, I'm a homer, but I really think Biggio was one of the best of all time. Alomar is the player most comparable in my opinion. In the "similarity scores" on, he is ranked against 10 similar players, (8) of which are HOF'ers. Anyways, I've got my fingers crossed.