Monday, October 8, 2012

Results from MojoBreak!

I recently bought into a group break at for a 9 box 2012 Topps Triple Threads case break. Using their discount code, I got the Astros for $18! I took a gamble as there are very few Astros in this year's TT set! Let's see how I did!
WOO HOO!!!! Ok, so I had already gotten a Ryan /625 off eBay so this one is for trade! But how about that Altuve!?!??!?!?!?! Numbered 9/10? It's a very slick looking card and the autograph is ON-CARD! No sticker! The relics are all pieces of bat, but I can certainly say I got my money's worth. What is crazy is that both of these cards were in the same pack, so I hit two cards in one pack and nothing else for the rest of the break! Lucky me!

Speaking of group breaks, we're down to just 6 teams remaining to be claimed! I'd love to get these last 6 sold so if you are interested please make me an offer if you feel the asking price is too high... remember, if you already had a team in the break as of Saturday you can take $5 off per team and otherwise you can knock $2 off per team:


I'm really surprised no one has picked up the Angels, of all the teams left, I figured they'd get snatched up. If I end up having to cover them, I won't be too upset... :)

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