Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Group Break - Sign Ups are FULL!

This is going to be a great group break!!!! Three great products! First up we have:
2002 Fleer Greats of the Game! There are some GREAT hits in this product! 24 packs, 5 cards per pack!  One auto and 2 game-used cards per box.
Next we have 2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia! This box includes an autographed baseball! As well as two of the much loved hits from this product! 18 packs, 6 cards per pack!

And finally!!!!
Yep, a full hobby box of 2012 Topps Triple Threads... 2 mini boxes per box, one pack per mini box... 3 base, 2 parallel and 2 hits per pack! Some AMAZING and ridiculous hits are available in this product!

All cards with multiple teams will be randomized among the teams on the card. All multi-team cards which have a team I have purchased or am stuck with at the end, will be randomized by an independent third party. Any non-sport cards will be randomized amongst all teams. All cards from teams that no longer exist will be given to the team where the former moved (e.g. Montreal cards to Washington). The autographed ball with a player who played with multiple teams will be randomized amongst all teams he played for unless documentation with the ball indicates a team.

Ok, so you're wondering what it's going to cost. Due to the limited availability of some teams, and the over abundance of others, I've come up with team by team pricing. All teams will be sold individually but if you want additional teams, take $2 off the price of each additional team you want to buy. Here is the pricing structure:

Astros - $15 - The Dimwit - PAID
Padres - $15 - BA Benny - PAID
Rockies - $15 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
White Sox - $15 - Jeff Wilk - PAID
Brewers - $17 - Derek - PAID
Indians - $17 - Carlos S. - PAID
Twins - $17 - Jeff Wilk
Blue Jays - $17 - buckstorecards - PAID
Phillies - $17 - Richard - PAID
Diamondbacks - $17 - BA Benny -PAID
Marlins - $17 - BA Benny - PAID
Mets - $17 - buckstorecards - PAID
Rays - $17 - buckstorecards - PAID
Cubs - $17 - Matt Pederson - PAID
Orioles - $17 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Pirates - $17 - BA Benny -PAID
Royals - $17 Scott S. - PAID
Tigers - $20 - Jeffrey - PAID
A's - $20 - Carlos S. - PAID
Red Sox - $20 - Matt Perry - PAID
Cardinals - $20 - jamicfin - PAID
Braves - $20 - Chris Mays - PAID
Reds - $20 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Mariners - $20 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Dodgers - $20 - gcrl - PAID
Giants - $20 - Classic Card Collector - PAID
Rangers - $20 - aj245 - PAID
Angels - $20 - aj245 - PAID
Nationals - $20 - Jason Smith - PAID
Yankees - $30 - Kirk Jacobson - PAID

CLAIM A TEAM BY LEAVING A COMMENT ON THIS POST. Do not e-mail me directly with a team claim, you must comment on this post to claim a team(s). All payments: please send as PayPal GIFT to samuelpair(at)yahoo(dot)com.

As an incentive to fill this faster... if all slots fill by Thursday at noon, I'll include a signed ball from my collection to be randomly given to a hit-less team.

I really hope this fills fast, I'd love to get these ordered before I fly to Houston on Thursday! Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Been a while since I did a break. Gimme the White Sox.

    YOLO! hahahahaha

  2. Damn, missed the Mets again. I will try the Padres as I don't want to miss this break.

  3. KInda addicted to these things, I will take the Yankees. Looking for the big hit.

  4. Cardinals, please!
    It's mojo time!!!!!

  5. I'll take the Giants and will think about a second team for the next 20 minutes.

    1. Just the Giants for me, but I did send my payment.

  6. Dang, got beat out on the Giants :-(
    If I only hadn't taken the kids to the pool...

  7. How about the Mariners and Orioles for me this time.

  8. Detroit for me !! Will pay tomorrow AM !!

  9. Nationals for me!!!! Thanks!!!!

  10. I will also take the Reds and the Rockies. Just shoot me a total via email

  11. I'll also take the Jays & Rays. As with JBfan, send me the total via email, and I'll send you the paypal later today.

  12. I will take A´s and Indians.. Please email me total. Thanks!!

  13. Alright just give me the rivals of the rangers as well, I will take the Angels