Sunday, October 21, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 9 - Gettin' Silky

I normally stick to the GU and autos... but I couldn't pass this one up for the price it was listed for, from 2008 Topps and numbered 18/50:
I'm not sure where Topps came up with the idea of the silk cards, but I am glad they did. This is my second Lance silk, as I also have an A&G silk from 2009. The fact it's a low numbered release out of 50 makes them pretty cool.


  1. Love these Silk ones, especially the A&G Silk cards, nice catch !

  2. Topps probably came up with silk cards from early 1900s tobacco set. One of the inserts the American Tobacco Company came up with around the same time as the T205 and T206 cards are the S74 silks, which are basically monochrome versions of the silk card you posted below. Some images were printed on different colored silks, like yellow and white, but the images were generally printed in a black colored ink. They also printed colored silks of different subjects, such as flags and people of the world as well.