Monday, October 15, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 3 - Altuve!

Yesterday I showed off a LCS pick-up of a Triple Threads card of Jose Altuve! Today, a much cheaper pick up of another Jose Altuve Autograph!
I don't know how you get "Jose" or "Altuve" out of that autograph, but who cares... at least it's consistent!

Plus, the picture here shows some hustle. Altuve's a motor guy, a guy who no one thought would make it because of his size and he just kept doing what he does best. The results were impossible for fans or management to ignore and he shot up through our minor league system quickly. There was talk this year of trading him, as we have Jimmy Paredes hitting very well in the minors and his usual position is 2B as well, but I really do hope Altuve is the next Astros lifer. I hate that Hunter Pence went to Philly and then San Fran, although I'm glad he's doing well, but I had thought I'd end up watching Hunter's entire career here in Houston only to be left with memories of his first few.

Until tomorrow!

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