Monday, October 29, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 17 - 2008 Topps Series 1

For some reason, I really like this design. Maybe it's the black and white scheme, the landscape design or the interesting fact on the front...
Your eyes don't deceive you, for some reason my scanner cropped this card funky, it's a little skewed. Homers on September 21st for 7th straight year? Wasn't aware of this at the time it happened but an interesting fun fact for sure! I am too tired to google this morning but I'm curious what the record is for most consecutive years hitting a HR on the same date... one of you OCD fact checkers out there will surely look it up and post it here... haha... I'm usually an OCD fact checker but again, 5:14am is just too dang early and I've been up for half an hour already... I'm going to go insert the caffeine IV before I head off to work.


  1. 7 is the record. He shares it with Lou Gehrig who's day was June 8th.

    Cool I'm the #1 OCD guy around. For some reason that makes me feel a little anxious.

    1. To prove my OCD-ness let me change who's to whose.