Saturday, October 13, 2012

An LCS/eBay Pick-up

So I snagged a card off eBay from my LCS... basically Big Hit Sports Cards had put it up on eBay for a customer, and at $25 BIN, I offered $21 and viola it's mine... it's freakin' sweeeeeeet!
That's out of 25!!!! I saw one out of 50 go for around $32 the other day so I got one steal of a deal! SWEEEET! I love it, great design on Triple Threads this year and I like that they Astros that are in the set are affordable on the secondary market.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second of my COMC pick ups!


  1. Sweet looking card. My card shop has a Daryl Strawberry card like this #ed/50. May pull the trigger on that one if it is still available next week.

  2. Nice pick up! Can't beat that price for Triple Threads jersey/auto. Altuve is one of my favorite non-Dodgers. The kid is a stud.